She did that! He said this! You are guilty of that!

Sounds familiar?

Well, we all have our side of the story of what happened. A lot of times we don’t stop to think that the other side has something valid to say. Notice this funny part, when we do something wrong and someone else is the one judging us, our excuse, no matter how silly it may sound, is valid. On the other hand, if it’s someone else, not a chance it’s valid or that we’ll listen to their side.

If G-d came to you on Rosh Hashanah and showed you a nameless paper that had a person’s deeds from the past year on it and they were bad, you would judge them that of course they shouldn’t have life or a car or anything good. Then, G-d would say, “This paper is all of your deeds from this past year.”

You would be speechless! Then you’ll have all the excuses in the world. See? We need to realize there is another side to the story. There is a whole other world to that person. Let’s try to listen to the other side and give validation. And remember, it’s not only with human beings, it’s also with G-d. We only see a tiny part of the story. There is still a lot more that we don’t see. So, when something doesn’t go the way you want, say chatzi (a half, meaning you only see half the story) or gam zu letovah, this too is for the good, even if I don’t see it, because ultimately it is for our good.

Have a great week and a relaxing Shabbos!


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