The two-year-old girl injured in an Arab rock-throwing attack last week remains in critical condition.

Adele Bitton (some reports list her at 3 years of age) suffered serious injuries when several Palestinian Arab men threw stones at passing cars Thursday night in the West Bank, causing one to swerve into the Bitton’s car.

Adele’s mother, Adva Bitton, told Army Radio that it was a “real miracle” that any of her family survived the attack. “Whoever has seen the pictures [from the scene] can testify that [survival] was not at all clear,” she said.

Regarding Adele, who has undergone two emergency head operations since the attack, Adva said: “I am here with her all the time, talking to her, caressing her. We believe in the Holy One, Blessed be He. For Him, it would take no effort to save her.”

Overnight Friday IDF forces arrested ten Palestinian Arab men in conjunction with the incident.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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