YHT teachers Mrs. Yonina Lermer and Mrs. Alissa Ossip
YHT teachers Mrs. Yonina Lermer and Mrs. Alissa Ossip
YHT teachers Mrs. Yonina Lermer and Mrs. Alissa Ossip

Mrs. Yonina Lermer and Mrs. Alissa Ossip of Yeshiva Har Torah are winners of the Atid Day School Innovation Challenge. This challenge is sponsored by the Jewish Education Project of New York and PresenTense. The Atid Challenge is the first step in a long-term initiative to spread innovation throughout the Jewish day-school system. The challenge was designed to highlight and share the work of specific teachers who have implemented successful innovations in their classrooms.

Mrs. Ossip, YHT’s educational-technology specialist, teamed up with Mrs. Lermer to create an integrated project in Mrs. Lermer’s seventh-grade English/history class. After learning about the 13 colonies, the students were paired up to further research one of them. Their task was to create a travel website for their colony to convince others to move there. In the classroom, students learned historical facts about the different colonies, persuasive writing techniques, and how to write with “voice” in nonfiction. In the computer lab, students learned how to design a website, including layout of the pages and uploading text and images. Lastly, students learned and practiced public-speaking skills to help them prepare to present their colonial website to the class.

The contest required a 30-second video clip describing the project. Then, the different ideas were open for public voting. Each idea was judged by an expert panel. Based on a combination of public voting and panel judges, the winners were chosen.

Mrs. Lermer and Mrs. Ossip’s project was deemed “an inspiring testament to the quality and diversity of day-school education in the New York area.” PresenTense and the Jewish Education Project are proud to provide a forum to share and celebrate these ideas.

YHT salutes Mrs. Lermer and Mrs. Ossip for their creativity. They will be honored at a ceremony in May and will receive a $1,000 prize.


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