UJO_White_HouseRabbi David Niederman, Executive Director, of the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg and North Brooklyn (UJO), was among a selected group of “stakeholders… who helped with the outreach and enrollment around the Affordable Care Act (ACA)” to celebrate
with President Obama, the achievements of the new law and the completion of the first open enrollment period. Rabbi Niederman greeted the President and the First Lady, and told them how beneficial the Affordable Care Act was for the Williamsburg community and thanked them for their leadership .

The UJO provides a full array of social services to the community, including assistance in enrolling and navigating the various subsidized health insurance plans available. The organization was at the forefront in helping the community utilize the new options available under the Affordable Health Care Act, working with the federal government and New York State’s Health Plan Marketplace to successfully enroll individuals and families, in public and private plans on the Marketplace. In a conversation with
if February, the White House Jewish Liaison Matt Nosanchuk — who was later appointed to the National Security Council — singled out the UJO as an Orthodox organization that worked to assist the community with the new health plans.

According to Politico, attendees at the star-studded event were privileged to spend time with the first couple in a “loose and informal” setting. The President spoke off the cuff, without a teleprompter or notes. The President was visibly emotional listening to his wife laud his steadfastness in passing health care reform, according to attendees speaking to Politico. Before personally greeting and shaking hands, though, the president regained his humor. “Just need to let you know before I come and shake hands: We don’t have time for selfies with everyone,” he quipped.

Also in attendance, were Vice President Joe Biden, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, Labor Secretary Tom Perez, and the White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and others in the President’s inner circle.

A White House official described the invitees to this highly-personal presidential event, celebrating his signature achievement that already covers 8 million, as a “broad and diverse group of stakeholders who helped to enroll Americans in quality affordable health plans, and get information out about their health care options, including consumer groups, techies, pharmacies, hospitals, athletes, celebrities, mayors and other local elected officials and community leaders.”

“It was an honor to join the President and the First Lady celebrating the Affordable Care Act. The President’s heart-felt remarks showed how personal they felt about making sure health coverage and access to quality health care is attainable to all,” said Rabbi Niederman.

“I’m proud that the UJO is a part of that, enabling so many in the community, on a daily basis, enroll in plans on the exchange. I especially want to thank Mr. Matt Nosanchuk — who may have undertaken a new assignment, but is still there for the Jewish community as much as before — who worked with us to make the ACA a success in the community. In addition, I want to express my appreciation to the NYS Marketplace Exchange — one of the best ACA systems in the nation created by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration — that assisted us in getting health coverage to those who need it most” Rabbi Niederman concluded.


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