HCA International, the world’s largest hospital group, is being sued in a London labor court for race and religious discrimination and harassment, after a manager allegedly told a Jewish employee that rather than reach an agreement with potential Jewish business partners, he’d “like to lock them in the building and gas them all,” the Daily Mail reported, citing the plaintiff’s lawyer and court testimony.

Darren Feldman, 33, claims that his HCA International manager, a non-Jew, Chris Oates, repeatedly taunted him based on his religion, and extended the hate speech to potential Jewish business partners.

According to the Daily Mail, Feldman testified that on his boss’s birthday, the pair discussed doing a potential business deal with Daniel Sugar, 41, son of Lord Alan Sugar, UK Apprentice star and former chairman of Tottenham football team, who controls Amsprop, an £800 million property company.

That’s when Oates allegedly said: “I’m just messing them around. Quite frankly, they’re all a bunch of Yids. I’d like to lock them in the building and gas them all.”

Other racist remarks allegedly included puns based on the London restaurant Juju, Feldman testified:  ”He pointed his finger at me saying ‘want to go JuJu, Juju?’ repeating it several times in an intimidating manner.”

Feldman said he quit after Oates told him that he was not likely to be “fitting into the business in the future.”

Feldman testified: “I felt that my position had been made intolerable and I did not wish to expose myself to any more abuse from Chris. It had become a very nasty and unpleasant place to work and I did not feel I could take any more… I felt this was the only option available to me as I could not tolerate any more racist or religious abuse or bullying from Chris.”

HCA International and Oates deny all of  Feldman’s allegations, the Daily Mail said. But the newspaper cited an HCA International spokesperson, who added, “We have a clear code of conduct around acceptable, professional and ethical behaviour and take any claim of discrimination very seriously.”

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Source: The Algemeiner


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