Though most ballot stations report no problems, several Election Day issues disrupt voting

Despite claims that this year’s Election Day has been calmer than years past, several incidents were reported to the Central Elections Committee from across the country, including complaints over immodest dress and letter mix-ups.

In one of the polling stations in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Bayit Vegan in Jerusalem, voters complained that the station supervisor was immodestly dressed in pants instead of a skirt, which disrupted the process as local residents were unwilling to approach her, Maariv reported.

In Tel Sheva, a scuffle broke out between two feuding families who arrived at the ballot station at the same time. Police arrived on the scene and broke up the kerfuffle. There were no injuries.

Though most ballot stations report no problems, several Election Day issues disrupt voting

In the Israeli Arab city of Umm al-Fahm, one voter reportedly lost his temper and hit the polling station ballot box, breaking it.

In Haifa, an activist for the Yesh Atid Party reportedly tore down campaign posters from other parties near a polling station.

The new party, headed by Yair Lapid, also lodged a complaint with the committee claiming that in several polling stations across the country, Yesh Atid voting slips, containing the Hebrew letters “Peh Heh” were replaced with voting slips withe the letters reversed. The “Heh Peh” voting slips belong to the Haim Bekavod, or Life With Dignity, party, which is not predicted to garner enough votes to enter the Knesset.

Yesh Atid party members also claimed that Life With Dignity activists were on hand at the stations, encouraging Yesh Atid supporters to choose the “wrong” voting slip.

Police forces have been sent to the various stations to restore order.


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