It is the hidden elephant in the room regarding U.S. Israel relations that no one dares to speak about, but everyone knows it’s true.  The Obama administration is so concerned about the upcoming election that it is undermining Israel’s ability to take action to defend herself by using the nefarious means known as “leaking critical information.”

There is an expression called, “three is the charm” and thus far we have three such examples.  Amnon Lord in today’s Makor Rishon points them out and alludes to some of the observations made below.  The three examples are:

A] Azerbaijan, B] Kurdish Region and C] Flight Path Publication

But let us make some observations here:

1] There is no question that the leaks are detrimental to Israel’s planning.

2] There is no question that the leaks are coming from the United States.

3] There is no question that the leaks are being printed by the left-leaning Yediot Achronot.

Everyone admits that sanctions against Iran are just not working.  Israel needs to make this strike happen, and happen soon, in order to ensure its security.

Israel now has a serious problem in that if they don’t tell the US about their plans they will undermine the friendship. Critical US assets may be hurt.   If they do tell the US about the plan, then the US may once again undermine its imminent application.  They are stuck.

So what’s left for Israel to do?

Israel has to develop a Modified Calais Plan — one that amply warns the US so that her assets can be protected, but one that can even fool the United States in terms of implementation.  The elements of surprise are critical — in terms of where, when, and how.

Makor Rishon has reported that, in the past, Israel has had to change operational plans on account of both the intense political pressure in the air as well as these leaks.

The next few weeks are critical, as pressure must be put on the Obama administration to stop the excessive interfere.


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