(JNS.org) A United Nations report has found that the death of Omar al-Masharawi, the 11-month-old son of BBC Arabic correspondent Jihad al-Misharawi, was caused by an errant Palestinian rocket, not an Israeli airstrike as was originally claimed, the Associated Press reported.

The 11-month-old boy’s death became a symbol of Palestinian perceived Israeli aggression during Operation Pillar of Defense last year. A photo of the dead boy in his father’s arms as he wept made headlines across the world after being widely publicized by the BBC.

But some questioned the details surrounding the purported airstrike at the time, suggesting that it was a Hamas rocket that caused the death. A widely read blog called Elder of Ziyon had photos of the damaged room where baby Omar was killed examined by an anonymous military expert, who said, “The story doesn’t hang together. An Israeli bomb could not have penetrated the roof of this structure, then exploded, and have left the structure looking as it does: charred on some surfaces, but still intact.”

“I note that a Hamas rocket could have done exactly this damage, including the projectile-through-the-roof feature,” the military expert added.

Now, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has confirmed that suspicion, saying in a March 6 report that the incident was caused by “what appeared to be a Palestinian rocket that fell short of Israel,” according to the Associated Press.

Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defense in response to hundreds of Palestinians rockets that were fired on Israeli towns and cities.  …read more

Source: JNS.org


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