Under 5'10 storefront on Central Avenue

By Elie Robinson

Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man,” while Shakespeare said, “Apparel oft proclaims the man.” There is undeniable research that human nature leans towards judging a person by their appearance (first impression).

My older, better-looking, but shorter brother in a perfectly fitting shirt

Although I subscribe to the idea that there is more depth to life than clothing and appearance, I also understand, as a longtime frustrated shopper, that getting clothes that fit rather than settling for ill-fitting clothes is incredibly challenging for shorter men. Most of the time we either settle, paying for custom clothing or alterations to off-the-rack clothing in order to get the proper fit.

When I started Under 5’10, we tackled the button-down shirt, which was probably the most difficult article of clothing to fix, as it has over 35 pieces to it. As you can see by the image below, we created a shirt that fits all over and is cut so it can be worn tucked or untucked.

Pants were our next mission, as shown by the images below.

The effect of a properly fitted jean is slimming and actually makes a shorter man look taller and more confident.

One of my biggest challenges in getting clothes that fit properly is polos. Polos are not meant to be tucked in (especially in modern times). Unfortunately, for shorter guys, we usually end up swimming in our polos and having them look like dresses, which force us to tuck them in.

Problem solved. As you can see, the shirt sits properly on the shoulders, has appropriate sleeve length, and, most importantly, falls to a proper untucked length.

I would be remiss not to talk about Memorial Day and the upcoming parade through the Village of Cedarhurst. We should all take the time to recognize that it is because of those who sacrificed in their service of our freedom that we are able to live out our dreams in the United States comfortably as Jews. There have been tremendous efforts for this year’s Lawrence-Cedarhurst parade and we encourage all to join on Sunday, May 26, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Central Avenue in showing our support for this special day of honoring all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country.

Elie Robinson is the founder of Under 5’10”. For more information, visit Under510.com. For questions and comments, email help@under510.com.


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