Under 5'10" Slim Outfit

By Elie Robinson

In the late ’90s when I took my first corporate job, I remember the excitement of learning that the attire was “casual.” While most of my friends were putting on suits for work, I was able to wear chinos. I continued this trend when I started my first venture. In 2011, I joined an e-commerce company where the average age was 25 (I was 36), and I quickly felt overdressed.

Times had changed as the norm became jeans, at least in the tech and e-commerce world. It was around this time that jeans were being made with stretch fabrics woven into the denim, creating incredible comfort. This era also brought about the new fits of slim, skinny, tapered, and more.

There had long been a fear that by allowing a more casual dress code, the work environment would become too casual for productivity and conduct. This was not the case with the young workforce I was now leading, as they had never experienced any other dress code. Bottom line was a liberated dress code allowed for all to feel more comfortable in the clothes they wore (usually much cheaper than dress clothes) with no change to the work environment.

Picking up on this trend, many manufacturers jumped into the fold by designing high-end jeans meant to be dressed up at work or out for dinner or dressed down for more casual occasions. Many of the changes are noticeable in the stitching, shank (button), and grommets. By not using alternate color stitching, the jean can now be easily dressed up or down. With the clean design of dress jeans, it is the rest of the outfit that will determine the overall look. Casual belt versus dress belt, sneakers versus dress shoes, tie versus no tie, and sport coat versus sweatshirt. With all of this, there are still plenty of occasions meant for a suit.

At Under 5’10, we recognize that one of the keys to pulling off these flexible looks is the fit of the clothes. Getting the waist, seat, and rise are standard. Differentiation starts from the thigh down. Slim fit or skinny fit will have a more tailored look. From the knee down is the tapering of the pant, again giving symmetrical lines to the fit and a clean look without extra baggy bottoms.

The length of the pant, or the inseam, is measured from the bottom of the crotch to the bottom of the pant. Traditional retailers usually range from 30 inches to 34 inches.

At Under 5’10, we provide pants off the rack with inseams ranging from 26 inches to 31 inches to properly fit shorter men (without tailoring). These fits and cuts mirror the way suits are cut to fit and look, which is why many are leaning towards more casual pants, which are cut and designed for dress or casual. Stop by our store to try the difference of properly cut clothing for shorter men.

Elie Robinson is the founder of Under 5’10”. For more information, visit Under510.com. For questions and comments, email help@under510.com.


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