Prosecutors in Israel are going through legal contortions to end the political career of Yisrael Beitaynu head Avigdor Leiberman.  Although he has been under investigation by Israel’s legal mechanism for 12 years, it is just these last few weeks that Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein has seen fit to bring active charges against the former Foreign Minister.

Since Lieberman has waived his immunity from prosecution as a Member of Knesset and resigned from his post as Foreign Minister in order to expedite the legal process, Weinstein has seen it as right and just to upgrade the charges against Me. Leiberman.  Now Weinstein has added to the accusations that Mr. Lieberman should be charged with moral turpitude.  In Israel this last charge means that an individual found guilty of this kind of indulgence is disqualified from holding public office for seven years.

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who was found guilty earlier this year of breach of trust and who now faces trial involvement in a massive bribe and kickback scheme in the “Holyland” real estate case, was not charged with moral turpitude.  And this morning the Israel Supreme Court reversed an decision by the Israel Election Commission that disqualified the Arab Balad Party MK, Haneed Zoabi from running on the upcoming election.

Though Zoabi has worked relentlessly to exploit Israel’s pure democratic ways by undermining the Jewish state the nine justices unanimously decided to allow her to once again seek office. Amongst other offenses, Zoabi took part on the 2010 Gaza flotilla and was a passenger on the Turkish ship, Mavi Marmara.  The Israel Navy looking to enforce the legal blockade of the terrorist run Gaza Strip was attacked by terrorists as they sought to board the ship.  Nine terrorists, all Turkish citizens were killed.

Zoabi’s contention was that she was just a passenger on the ship and did not take part in the violence.  This is what the Supreme Court justices bought into.  At the same time the system is seeking to end Avigdor Lieberman’s career because he discussed an ambassadorship with Zev Ben Aryeh, a friend who may have aided him in an investigation into bribery and money laundering.  The attorney general found no evidence to charge Lieberman with those more serious charges.  Though an ambassadorship with Ben Aryeh was discussed and perhaps even offered, the fact is that Ben Aryeh never took up any diplomatic position.

It is a twisted legal situation with a clear agenda to undermine the right in Israel while curiously preserving the rights and power of those who have done, are doing and will do in the future damage to the state of Israel. 


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