Gaza protesters near Karni Crossing in May 2018.

By TOVAH LAZAROFF – Jerusalem Post – 03/22/2019
The vote was held on Friday in Geneva, as the UNHRC wraps up its 40th session.
The United Nations Human Rights Council voted 23-9 for an arms embargo against Israel and the prosecution of Israelis for war crimes for IDF actions along the Gaza border last year.

Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Fiji, Hungary, Togo and the Ukraine all opposed the resolution.

The vote was held on Friday in Geneva, as the UNHRC wraps up its 40th session.

There were also 14 countries who abstained: Argentina, the Bahamas, Croatia, Congo, Denmark, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan, Nepal, Rwanda, Slovakia United Kingdom, and Uruguay.

Spain was the only European county that belongs to the 47-member UNHRC, which voted in favor of the resolution.

Togo had initially been counted as having abstained, but according to Israel’s Foreign Ministry, that vote was in error and Togo is changing it to a vote against the report.

The resolution, calls for the approval of a 252-page report on IDF violence against the Hamas led weekly protests along the Gaza border, called the Great March of Return.

It looked at the 189 Palestinians deaths and more than 6,000 injuries that occurred during the first nine months of the protest, which is still ongoing.

The report and its accompanying “accountability” resolution had initially been debated under Agenda Item 7, along with four other anti-Israel resolutions.

Israel has pushed for the elimination of Agenda Item 7, which holds that alleged Israeli human rights abuses must be debated under this line item at every UNHRC session. No other country is singled out in this way.

The United Kingdom and Denmark on Thursday said that in protest over such bias, they would oppose all resolution tabled under Agenda Item 7.

At the last moment, in a minor nod to the growing European unease with Agenda Item 7, the “accountability” resolution was moved to Item 2.


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