As part of MDA’s preparations for the winter weather, expected to hit Israel in the coming days, the organization has trained dozens of ambulance drivers and paramedics to operate 14 new ATVs which have recently joined the fleet of dozens of 4×4 ambulances and jeep-bulances. The drivers were trained in the safe operation of the vehicle, driving in off road conditions and operating the vehicle with a patient on board.

During routine, the ATVs are stationed in coastal cities and near forests to treat and rescue patients in these areas. Now, as part of the preparations for the winter snow, have been placed in Jerusalem, Safed, Beit Jan, Shimshit and Masa’ade.

As part of the training, the crews – the drivers, paramedics and medics – were trained in safety issues, driving in variable terrain and operating the ATV while evacuating the injured. The training took place in order to train the teams to operate in the most professional, fast and safe way possible – even in emergencies and in extreme terrain and weather conditions.

“The special ATVs have been specially adapted and equipped for MDA needs with red lights, a siren and special equipment to which the stretcher connects and are designed to operate in complex terrain conditions and difficult offense conditions,” explains Eli Ben Simhon, manager of MDA’s motorcycle and ATV unit.

MDA Director General Eli Bin: “Magen David Adom is ready for the weather that is expected to hit the country in the coming days. Recently, we have significantly expanded the special tools and conducted extensive training for staff, in order to handle emergencies in all terrain conditions – especially weather.  It is stormy. We wish you a continued healthy and protected winter. ”

Zaki Heller

MDA spokesman


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