Being a volunteer medic is never easy. You might be woken up in the middle of the night to go to the most terrifying accident scenes, assist badly injured victims or someone suffering from a stroke or heart attack. It changes your perspective on life. It changes how you go home and how you feel when you can see your children running around happy and. But what if something happens to them?

One of United Hatzalah’s Netivot volunteers, Avishalom Yankovitch got a call on Wednesday afternoon for a car accident. He immediately left his business, picked up his rescue kit and was on his way. As he got closer to the scene of the accident he saw what he expected to see, got out of his car and began the drill. He looked around: there was the car, the passengers and those run over by it. He tried to assess the seriousness of the injuries. That is until his eyes fell on the body of a little girl.

She seemed familiar to him. He needed to step closer to understand what he didn’t want to believe. The injured little body belonged to Shulamit, his eight-year old daughter, the smallest of his family.

Being a medic is never easy — but it can become overwhelming when the person to be treated, the injured, the suffering is someone you love and care about. There is no way to prepare for these situations and there is no emotional rulebook to follow.

By this time Avishalom was joined by other local members of United Hatzalah. He didn’t even have to talk, his fellow medics understood it without a word. United Hatzalah founder Eli Beer commented that „ While our volunteers always give 1000% to anyone in need, whether it be jumping out of bed in the middle of the night or climbing up 5 flights of stairs to reach an old lady with a heart condition, when it is member of own family we realize how precious and delicate each life truly is.”

The little girl was soon evacuated by an ambulance to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva, in critical condition. And while the situation could not have been more heart-breaking — at least her daddy was next to her. He arrived to his suffering daughter just minutes after the accident occured.

The story doesn’t end here. On his way home from the hospital to retrieve some personal items the ever persistent buzz of the pager alerted Avishalom to an unconscious adult male. Forgetting his personal worries the medic flipped on his lights and sirens and raced to the scene. Joined by other medics they initiated a full resuscitation protocol. It was a battle but they managed to return the relatively young man’s pulse. Within a short period of time he even began to return to consciousness and breathe on his own. A strange sense of calm prevailed on Avishalom as he realized his good fortune: his daughter was alive and has her father with her.

We wish a full recovery for her and would like to ask everyone to stop for a second and think about, pray for the health of Shulamit Hindel bat Rivka Chaya.



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