Thumbnail for 83976One  does not have  to be  an astute observer to note that  these  are  not particularly happy days in Israel.
The  latest “war” or  “round”,  seems  to have ended  but even that is not certain.

If it is indeed  over, it would be  a stretch to say that  the good guys won decisively.

I ask myself the following: Theoretically speaking, if, before this  “war” began , Israel was offered the following  proposal:

Hamas  guarantees  a “prolonged quiet” in return for a number, say, sixty six, young Jewish men to be sacrificed on the Hamas alter.  No official war  needed, just delivery of the men. I  know Israel would have  not delivered the goods.

Now  that  these  young men were indeed sacrificed in this “war”,  it is hoped that we  will at least  get our “prolonged quiet”. The  deal has ultimately,  post facto been made. Now   we  are  only hoping that Hamas will not demand further sacrifices  for  yet another “period of  quiet”.

It seems  we were  exactly in that place in  two previous “rounds” with Hamas.We paid the price and hoped  for some quiet.

Hamas along with their international team of cheer leaders, reserve the option of deciding  when the next round will take  place. The only question hanging  is  what will the  sacrifice be then?

In the  current atmosphere  of uncertainty and anxiety, we await the pronouncements  and  decisions of our enemies.
We bemoan our young men and  ponder the most awful  thought -  if they were not in vain.

As  we  look at  the Mid East today and as  Hamas like forces are  beheading their  way  to declared world domination, the words of Winston Churchill  come to mind, “Genuine peace with Muslims is impossible, just  as genuine peace between Muslims is impossible”.

However, when it comes to Jews and Israel it seems that not  even the wisest council  is  heeded. The Arabs  and their many anti Semitic allies don’t hate Jews  because of Israel’s  deeds, but rather they  hate Israel because it is Jewish.

No sacrifice  or  deal will change that.

And so Israelis ask themselves, “when will these attacks finally end?”

The  answer has  to be, “when one side finally  wins”


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