A gunman dressed in military fatigues has  launched a shooting spree at a suburban Milwaukee spa and he is thought to have  been targeting his estranged wife who worked as a stylist at the salon and had a  court order of protection against him.

A 45-year-old man named Radcliffe Haughton  was identified as the suspect who shot an estimated seven people at a day spa in  Brookfield, Wisconsin on Sunday afternoon. He is still at large.

During the investigation, police found an  Improvised explosive device on the scene, prompting them to issue a call for  extreme caution.

Haughton was reportedly seen fleeing the  scene in a 2003 black Mazda. He was described as a bald ethnic man with darker  skin, about 6 foot one inch tall and 200 pounds.

Haughton is estranged from his wife  who  works as a hair stylist at the salon where the shooting took place.  He lives in  nearby Brown Deer, Wisconsin, and police are trying to  determine whether or not  he is at the scene or if he has gone back to  his house.

Court  records show that a judge issued a  order of protection against Haughton  just three days ago on October 18, hinting  that there was a credible  threat against the estranged wife.

She has not been named publicly but she has  two daughters, one of whom works at the spa and was whisked away by police after  the shooting.

Police reportedly warned nearby  hospitals to  prepare for multiple injuries. The exact number of victims, their condition, and  what if any connection they had to the shooter is  unknown.

A witness saw a woman screaming, and running  out of the spa towards traffic.

‘She ran right out into the street (and) was  pounding on cars,’ David Gosh told The Journal Sentinel.

He then saw a man carrying a handgun run  after her, and he was thought to be chasing after the woman.

The gunman then saw police beginning to  gather and he ran back in the direction in which he came.

He either ran back into the spa or to the  wooded area behind the spa.

‘He was the shooter. He was looking for an  escape route,’ Mr Gosh said.

A witness told the Journal-Sentinel  that a he saw a young girl running through a parking lot in a panic after her  mother was reportedly shot.

‘She was screaming, yelling, crying  hysterical. She was pleading for help,’ Christopher Pfeiffer told the local  paper.

‘She kept saying, “My mother was shot.” And  she mentioned that there was a  gunman. She ran into the bookstore and I  followed her. But I watched her from afar.’

The Brookfield Square Mall and the Westmoor  Country Club, located directly across the  road, are both on lockdown as police  try to assess the situation.There are 100 people inside the Country  Club.

Early reports say that the shooting began in  the Azana Spa, which is located near but not inside the Brookfield Square Mall  on the outskirts of Milwaukee.

One witness said that the shooting started in  the spa, and four victims were immediately transported to a local hospital with  non-critical injuries.

The three other known victims are just now  being taken to the hospital but their conditions remain unknown.

Live video of the Azana spa shows a tactical  team moving in around 2pm on Sunday.

According to the spa’s website, it boasts  that it is the largest salon and day spa in Brookfield with 9,000-square-feet.

The layout of the spa- which has ten  treatment rooms, male and female  locker rooms, and a cafe area-complicates  issues for police as people  may be hiding inside.

The spa opened at 11am this morning and the  shooting is thought to have begun shortly after.

The owner of the salon was out of the country  at the time of the shooting and is reportedly headed back now.

This is the second mass shooting in the state  in the past two months. An Army veteran opened fire at a Sikh temple in August,  killing six people and injuring three others.

Local news reporters drew comparisons to an  earlier incident when, in 2005, a shooting took place at the nearby  Sheraton  hotel during a mass service. In that  shooting, seven people  were killed  before the shooter turned the gun on himself.


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