DRS is famous for its lively, inspiring, and exciting tisches. Whether at the schoolwide Shabbaton in a hotel, freshman Shabbaton in Camp Kaylie, or one of the many mini-Shabbatons that DRS runs in Woodmere throughout the year, the “DRS Tisch” always remains the hallmark of the program. Tonight, DRS maintains another “tisch tradition” as it holds its annual West Hempstead community tisch, bringing the spirit of DRS to another community.

For the past several years, nearly 100 DRS students, together with several rebbeim, have joined together on a fall Friday night at the home of Rabbi and Mrs. Efrem Schwalb, a rav in the West Hempstead community, and a longtime DRS parent, for a night of great singing, divreiTorah . . . and, of course, chulent and kugel!

Students at the school get many opportunities to experience nights like these, but it isn’t often that DRS parents do. Last week, DRS held its very first “Fathers’ Tisch” exclusively for fathers of DRS talmidim. Hosted at the home of Menahel Rabbi Kaminetsky, over 30 DRS dads came together to feel what it is like to be a student again. The night featured singing and dancing, as well as divreiTorah from Rabbi Kaminetsky and Mr. Menachem Kagan, parent of a senior at DRS.


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