Due to a recent rash of car break-ins in the Far Rockaway and Bayswater communities, the RCSP (Rockaway Shomrim) has beefed up patrols in the affected areas. In order to ensure the safety of the residents and the protection of property, the RCSP offers the following tips:
All residents are urged to lock their car doors, even for a quick errand. Do not leave any valuables, especially Tefilin, laptops, ipads, ipods, chargers, GPS units or headsets, visible or suctioned onto the windshield.
Please avoid warming up the cars and leaving the keys inside in the morning. Many instances of car theft occurred in such incidents.
If you are the victim of a car break-in, please call the NYPD (911) and the RCSP 24-hour hotline immediately. The RCSP will in turn increase patrols in your area. It is imperative to file a police report so that recovered stolen property can be returned to the owner. In addition, police reports help the NYPD track crime stats in the area to increase patrol and notice patterns.
Should you witness any suspicious activity, even in the middle of the night, call 911 and the RCSP 24-hour hotline immediately. When calling, please provide a detailed description of the suspicious activity and the suspects, and a direction of flight. Observe the situation from afar without being seen for your own safety.
It is advisable for residents to install motion lights around the house. In case motion lights are activated, Shomrim members on patrol will notice the activity and will ensure the safety of the surroundings. Please ensure there is adequate lighting in front, back and sides of your house. House numbers should be visible at all times for all first respondents.
We highly recommend the installation of video cameras outside all homes. With RCSP’s assistance, the NYPD has had much success making arrests after reviewing video footage. If you or a neighbor have surveillance cameras and/or system, please notify the RCSP so you may be entered in our database in case of crimes committed in your area.
On many occasions, car break-in thieves attempted to sell to stolen items back to the owners or in the neighborhood. Should this occur, minimize your interaction with the thief and call the RCSP Hotline IMEDIATELY. The RCSP has trained volunteers that can handle the matter with the NYPD. With the assistance of the RCSP, numerous arrest were made by the NYPD in such instances. When possible, install a tracking device on your electronics so the NYPD can track/locate the stolen goods.
The 24-Hour RCSP Hotline: 917-RCSP-306 (917-727-7306)
The RCSP sends weekly Security Alerts via emails. Should you be interested in receiving the weekly Security Alerts, please send an email to securityalerts@rockawaypatrol.org and enter the phrase “Sign me up” in the Subject field.
The RCSP is in need of night patrol volunteers in Far Rockaway and Bayswater. Anyone interested in volunteering should email their name and cell phone number to dispatch@rockawaypatrol.org.

Options to Donate to the RCSP: Web: www.fidelipay.com/RCSP; or via mail: Rockaway Citizen’s Safety Patrol, C/O A. Frankel, 774 Caffrey Avenue, Far Rockaway, NY 11691 (make check payable to RCSP)


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