URGENT! Please share with as much people as possible. The Rav

>> hamekoubal Nissim Shalom declared that his grandfather ZT”L appeared

>> to him in a dream and revealed to him that the Machiach is at his

>> door, and ordered him to let as many jewish people as possible know

>> about it as well as many people as possible.  The Rav insisted upon

>> the fact that whoever will send this message will be saved from the

>> suffering which are supposed to occur with the coming of Machiach and

>> that whoever won’t do it will sustain a substantial loss  of money.

>> The Rav asked to send this message to at least 12 people, a number

>> corresponding to the number of the tribes of Israel.  It is a very

>> favorable moment now in heaven , and to those who might be skeptical

>> and not believe in the words of the Rav should know that the Rav would

>> never make such a declaration without serious reasons to do so because

>> it is forbidden to give false hopes to the Jewish people. From the Rav

>> Yoel Benharoushe. Thank you to forward to all your contacts.


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