Doug Hagmann, the author of DHS insider: Its about to get Ugly, which I posted yesterday, spoke at a conference on National Insecurity and expanded on his article according to the report by Marijane Green, CFP . Doug Hagmann tells seminar three major crisis events are imminent

      Doug described three major crisis events about to take place and said they are in no particular order.

I. Killing off the United Sates dollar
The killing off of the United Sates dollar. Doug said this was an active maneuver.

People in power have been actually killing our economy since 1913, the year of the Federal Reserve. It’s an end game we’re watching, he said. A Cyprus type situation could be expected soon in the U.S., he added.

II. The start of World War Three
The start of World War Three. Doug asked if people heard of Benghazi? It’s not about a video he said, explaining it was part of the “Arab Spring” and was a logistics station for weapons smuggling from Libya to Syria. It’s Obama’s agenda, Valerie Jarrett’s agenda to topple Assad, he explained.

Doug described how Putin supports Assad and if he is toppled, it will cause a World War Three to start, and biological, chemical, and even nuclear weapons will be used. Doug explained how during the G.W. Bush administration, they were actively talking at the Pentagon of Biblical prophesy. There currently is talk of something referred to as a “no fly zone” or an air blockade Doug said, adding that it’s likely there would be boots on the ground in Syria.

Referring to Gold Star Marine Mom Susan Price, who was sitting on stage, along with Joe, Doug said of Price’s son Aaron Kenefick, who was killed in Afghanistan, “He was executed for his knowledge. He was a CIA asset. He was sent to his death. Doug said he is asked, “Will time be on our side?” His answer: “No.”

Doug thanked Pastor Umberger’s invitation to the event, saying he appreciated the chance, “To worship in church like this.” Doug said he was humbled by Pastor Umberger. Doug noted how he believes in the not so distant future, we will worship in small groups in peoples’ houses-in basements–and discussed some information about Christianity this weekend.

III. War against Christianity
Doug said, “Our government is going to step up the war against Christians. They are going to do it by legal means,” and cited how the 501C IRS delays were not just against the Tea Party. “War against Christianity,” is how Doug described it. Doug described it as a war against people who should take an active role.

Doug explained how the total thrown around about the dead in Syria right now is around 80,000. When World War III starts, there may be one million deaths there. Service members could be exposed to hideous things. Doug described how he wouldn’t want any of his family to be in the service now. “I never thought I’d say that,” he added.

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