By Ted Belman

Newswise, there is not much to report today.  But one thing I found of interest.  Abbas met with members of Meretz and most online news sources reported it. Everyone had a different takeaway.

For me the most interesting thing is that Israel is in no hurry and is slowing the pace of negotiations. She has also barred the US from being present. I didn’t she had the right.

But WAFA reports:

      Abed Rabbo said the Americans did not participate in the talks “due to an
      Israeli stance and demand,” adding that “this is one sign of how and where
      the talks are heading if the US is not able now to assert itself in the
    peace process.

Finally the US has guaranteed that she would not allow for any interim solutions before a final status agreement is signed. Very interesting. I thought Israel wanted an interim agreement and I was worried that she would agree to abandon many settlements.

INN had this to say:

      Members of Meretz said that Abbas told them a “fair agreement” will end the conflict with Israel and that a “peace agreement with Israel will be final and binding.” He did not, however, specify what is meant by a fair peace agreement and did not commit to the fact that PA would give up its demand for the “right of return”.

      He added that he believes all obstacles to peace could be overcome and resolved within six months, though he said that at this point there was little progress in the talks. Abbas made it clear, however, that he would not agree to temporary borders and would only sign an agreement that would allow the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state alongside Israel.

The PA chairman criticized Israel’s behavior around the resumption of negotiations, saying, according to Channel 2, “I wanted there to be daily meetings or at most every two days, because our time is limited, but Israel refused.” He also claimed that Israel had refused to allow active American involvement in the discussions.

Abbas expressed disappointment at the fact that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has not met with him and told the Meretz members that he sent Netanyahu a message several times, indicating his readiness to meet with him face to face, as he had done with former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (whooffered Abbas an unprecedented offer to which Abbas has yet to respond).

The meeting between Abbas and the Meretz members comes several days after the latest meeting between Israeli and PA negotiators, as part of the current round of peace talks.

So far, details of the discussions between the sides have not been revealed, apparently consistent with a request from Washington last week for a strict news …read more
Source: Israpundit


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