As the Olympics round the turn into the final week; this mega two week spectacle finally moves to track and field. The United States finally moved to the top of the leaderboard in overall medals as well.

U.S. swimmers, American’s first gold in Judo for a man or woman, women’s eight team rowing and one all-around individual in gymnastics helped to jump China. The USA now has 43 overall medals to China’s 42 overall medals.

More importantly the U.S. passed China for the most gold medals with each The USA  having 21 gold medals to China’s 20. The USA has ten silver and 12 bronze to China’s 13 silver and nine bronze. Rounding out the top ten in total medals are:

Russia – 23 (3 gold, 12 silver, 8 bronze), host nation Great Britain has 22 medals (8 gold, 6 silver, 8 bronze), Japan – 21 medals (2 gold, 8 silver and 11 bronze), Germany with 20 (5 gold, 9 silver, 6 bronze),   and  France is in seventh with 19 medals (8 gold, 5 silver, 6 bronze),  South Korea is eighth with 16 medals (9 gold, 2 silver, 5 bronze) and the top ten is round out with Australia – 14  (1 gold, 9 silver, 4 bronze) and  Italy – 12 (4 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze)

Of the 43 medals the United States has won, half of those medals have been won in women’s events. In the same year Title IX turns 40 women are a major part of the United States athletic success at these games.

These games truly show the effects of Title IX have had an impact and are still having an impact. U.S. women in these games have been strong in nearly event.

Michael Phelps says this is his final Olympics and if it is he has acquitted himself for his slow start. Since his fourth place in the 400m IM, Phelps has gone on to win two gold medals and two silver medals.

Phelps has become the most decorated Olympic athlete ever with his 20 total medals to pass Russian gymnast Larissa Latynina who once ruled with 18 medals. There are two events left in Phelps Olympic career if he doesn’t decide to return in 2016 game in Brazil.

Ryan Lochte was supposed to supplant Phelps as king of the pool but it doesn’t feel like he has done so. Lochte leads Phelps and the world with five medals for that matter (2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze) but he is done for these games after finishing second to Phelps in the 200m IM.

Scandal has rocked these games in badminton, when players were found guilty of throwing games. Eight players in doubles, two teams from South Korea, top ranked Chinese team, and one team from Indonesia, have been disqualified.

If you can stop laughing about the words scandal and badminton being used in the same sentence you might would like to hear about American breaking droughts. The USA had been shutout in diving in Sydney and Beijing, U.S. diving has had a rebirth in these games.

Americans have won three diving medals so far. It has been 20 years since the United States mattered in diving events but London has seen that change and possibly inspired a generation of divers.

U.S. teams favored to win gold have done well in group play. Women’s soccer and basketball have taken care of all comers and men’s basketball is rounding into dominating form.


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