The first robotic brain surgery.  Dr. Nizam Razack successfully performed the world’s first deep brain stimulation (DBS) using Renaissance robotic guidance system from Israel’s Mazor Robotics, at Celebration Health Hospital in Orlando, Florida.
Israeli doctors use robots to treat children.  For the first time in Israel, doctors at Rambam hospital used surgical robots to perform advanced pediatric surgery.  Using the Rambam’s da Vinci robot they corrected congenital defects on two Israeli children.  Surgeons from Boston Medical Center trained the Israeli doctors.
Multiple studies produces research breakthrough.  Dr. Ayelet Erez studied at the Technion, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv University, Baylor College Texas and now Weizmann.  Her wide experience led her to discover the link between the enzyme ASL and Nitrous Oxide, which is essential for regulating blood pressure.
Skin defect can trigger allergies.  Scientists at Tel Aviv and Northwestern Universities have discovered that mutations in the molecule desmoglein 1 in skin cells can disrupt the immune response and lead to allergic reactions.
Exciting new cancer research.  Ariel Munitz of Tel Aviv University is researching a type of white blood cell called macrophages.  Exposed to a certain stimulus and they’ll promote healing of cancer and fibrosis. But exposed to a different stimulus and they actually make the condition worse.  You can see where this is heading.
Against all odds.  Toddler Zion Rubenstein was diagnosed at the age of 6 months with a rare inflammation of the spinal cord that invariably leads to paralysis.  A year after intravenous injections of high levels of antibodies and steroids coupled with accelerated physical therapy, Zion can now walk and climb stairs.
Israel’s network of excellence in Neuroscience.  Teva has established Israel’s “National Network of Excellence” (NNE) to boost therapeutic developments for Alzheimer’s, MS, dementia and other brain diseases. Teva has just granted funds to 46 scientists at seven universities and teaching hospitals in Israel.
Improved police ties with Arab community.  (Thanks to Hazel) Central District Assistant-Chief Bruno Stein said that the past ten years have seen a significant change in the Arab sector’s cooperation and faith in the police.  The Arab public is requesting more police posts to help fight drugs and illegal firearms.
Support group for siblings of sick children.  The Center for Children with Chronic Diseases in Hadassah Mt. Scopus has announced a new support group for siblings of chronically ill or handicapped children. Siblings struggling with emotional, familial and social challenges will receive weekly counseling …read more
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