Israel’s Good News Newsletter to 5th May 2013

·        Israel’s vaccination program has resulted in a 70% reduction in cases of pneumonia.
·        Iraqi children arrive to have life-saving surgery at Israel’s Save a Child’s Heart.
·        Israel’s Briefcam helped identify and apprehend the Boston bombers.
·        Israeli software will help secure Denver airport.
·        Two innovative Israeli clean-tech companies have won International awards.
·        50 million people use one Israeli company’s translation software every day.
·        Warren Buffet spends $2 billion to complete his buy-out of an Israeli company.
Fighting pneumonia and rotavirus.  Israel marked “International Week for Encouraging Vaccinations” by announcing that the Prevnar vaccination introduced in 2009 had reduced annual cases of pneumonia by 70%.  The rotavirus vaccine, added in 2010, has reduced gastrointestinal illness in children by 60%.
The reason for infection.  A group of researchers from the Hadassah Medical Organization has located a gene that explains the reason for recurrent life threatening infections and the bone marrow failure in children.
Stopping the super bug.  Israeli hospitals have imposed a strict set of procedures to prevent the spread of the super-bug MRSA.  Isolation wards, dedicated staff, mandatory hand-washing and daily reports have cut the incidence of the bacteria by over 70 per cent.
Hadassah opens new center for pediatric vascular defects.  Ten percent of babies are born with vascular defects, of which most are incorrectly diagnosed and can be life threatening.  With the opening of a new unit in Jerusalem at Hadassah Medical Center, these children no longer need to be sent abroad for this type of surgery.
The doctor will always be with you.  Israel’s Elad Systems has developed a smart-phone app to enable doctors at Tel Hashomer’s Sheba Medical Center to view the medical files of patients in real time. It will show data on hospitalization, operations, clinic visits, medical tests, prescriptions and sensitivities to help speed diagnosis.
Israel hosts Biogerontology congress.  Three Israelis invented the science of Biogerontology (the study of longevity and the aging process) some 40 years ago.  Recently, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev hosted the eighth European Congress of Biogerontology – the first time this event was held in Israel.
First Israeli operation to separate conjoined twins.  Doctors at Haifa’s Rambam hospital performed one of the most difficult surgical procedures possible.  Although one twin was not viable and was stillborn, the other is now fighting for its life.  There have been only 150 cases of similarly conjoined twins in the last 126 years.
Gaza weekly deliveries:  39,865 tons of goods (over 12,000 tons more than the previous week) were delivered from Israel to Gaza on 1,548 trucks through the Kerem Shalom crossing in the week ending 27th Apr.
Muslim Arabs are Israel’s gatekeepers.  Interesting source for this positive article on the Bedouin trackers who help protect the borders of the Jewish State.  “The state of Bedouin in Israel is better, as far as the respect we get, our progress, education,” says Lieutenant Colonel Magdi Mazarib. “It’s a different league.”
Three Iraqi children to undergo heart surgery in Israel.  Israel’s Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar has approved the arrival of …read more
Source: Israpundit


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