The Jewish State in its true light.

In the 12th May 2012 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:
·        Israeli experts are helping Boston residents recover from trauma.
·        There are now school education facilities in all Israeli hospital children’s units.
·        Israeli doctors are caring for an abandoned disabled Gaza toddler.
·        The Israeli army is clearing old landmines laid by the Jordanian army near Bethlehem.
·        Israeli software can measure the different emotions in speech.
·        Sony is investing millions to help develop Israeli medical devices.
·        Depeche Mode entertained 35,000 fans in Tel Aviv.
·        Archaeologists have found a door key lost near Jerusalem at the time of the Second Temple.
Another clue in the battle against Alzheimer’s.  Researchers from Tel Aviv University believe they may have uncovered the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.  They injected the protein Tomosyn into the brains of mice, and produced Alzheimer-like syndromes. Tomosyn exists in the brain but excess damages inter-cell communication.
Israeli post-trauma team in Boston.  A team from the Israel Trauma Coalition has gone to the Boston suburb of Watertown to help develop “a recovery process” for the local school system.  Watertown was the epicenter of the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers. Children in the area are still reeling from the event.
Israeli program to help children of AIDS patients.  Professor Pnina Klein of Bar-Ilan University has developed an innovative in-home training program for caregivers and HIV-infected mothers. Children in their care gained significantly improved language skills, memory and cognitive abilities.
Stopping bugs in hospital beds.  Reuth Medical Center in Tel Aviv announced that, following a six-month trial of Cupron’s anti-bacterial copper-embedded linens, it will be the world’s first hospital to fully deploy copper-embedded textiles in all its patient-related hospital textiles. (see current JPost blog)
Eat three Israeli dates a day.  All nine varieties of dates grown in Israel are better than other varieties at helping protect those who consume them against cardiovascular diseases.  Researchers from Haifa’s Rambam hospital and Israel’s Technion have proved this in a study published in the prestigious Journal of Agriculture Food Chemistry.  Three dates a day reduce triglycerides and improve cholesterol.
Education for all children — even in hospital.  World ORT Kadima Mada in Israel now provides educational facilities in all 35 Israeli hospitals with children’s units. The Swiss-based SASA Setton Foundation has just made a $3.2 million investment to cover youngsters at psychiatric hospitals and mental health units.
Israel’s center for MS patients.  The Grabski Multiple Sclerosis Center in Migdal HaEmek is Israel’s first and only dedicated residential and outpatient center devoted exclusively to patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.  It provides a full home environment for 32 live-in patients and serves 35 daily outpatients.
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