The Jewish State in its true light.

In the 23rd June 2013 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:
·        30,000 visitors came to Israel in 2012 for vital medical treatment.
·        The courage of Israel’s Miss World 1998 is shown in a new documentary film.
·        An Israeli company is building a solar farm in Rwanda.
·        Elbit’s Clear Vision system can land airplanes in any weather.
·        New fiber optic cable will turn Israel “into the first digital nation”.
·        A quality performance by Barbra Streisand at the President’s Conference.
·        Israel’s U21 Euro soccer tournament was hailed as a great success. 
·        Last week’s JPost Israel Good News descriptive summary
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Come to Israel — get healed.  30,000 of Israel’s 3.5 million visitors in 2012 came to get medical treatment at Israel’s top health institutions.  Treatments include IVF, brain diseases, laser surgery and heart bypasses. Please read about Dr. Jason Bodzin of West Bloomfield who had stem cell treatment for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) — the condition also suffered by Professor Stephen Hawking, who boycotted Israel’s Presidents’ Conference.
Boost for Israel’s icy cancer treatment.  IceSense3 cryoablation cancer treatment is to be covered by US medical insurance giant HCSC.  Vast numbers of US patients will now be able to have breast tumors removed by the minimally invasive ultrasound-targeted freezing process developed by Israel’s IceCure Medical.
Why some cancer treatments fail.  An international research team, including Hebrew University Professor Raphael D. Levine, has discovered that brain tumors switch their signaling network to evade growth inhibitor medication.  New treatments can now be developed that take advantage of this knowledge.
Get your heart fat checked.  Researchers at the Rabin Medical Center in Petach Tikva have proved scientifically that the thickness of the layer of fat enveloping the heart can predict heart disease.  It is not the weight (BMI) of an individual that matters, but whether the tissue supporting the heart muscle grows too large.
Treating Gaucher’s disease in Brazil.  Israel’s Protalix Biotherapeutics has entered into a supply and technology transfer agreement with Brazil for its Gaucher treatment Uplyso. Brazil’s Health Minister said he was pleased to be able to improve the health of Brazilian citizens impacted by the rare disorder.
Gaza weekly deliveries:  In the week ending 15th June 2013, 1313 trucks carried 36,026 tons of goods into Gaza from Israel through the Kerem Shalom crossing.  They included 265 trucks of food and 418 trucks of construction materials.
National service by Arabs up 76 percent.  A ceremony was held in Haifa to recognize the record-high 3,000 Arabs volunteering in the national service program this year.  This represents an increase of 76 percent over …read more
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