In the 30th Jun 2013 edition of Israel’s good news,the highlights include:

·        Israeli researchers have discovered how to switch off alcohol dependency
·        Israeli surgeons treat 4 Syrian children who were badly wounded in the civil war.
·        Israel has appointed the first woman Ambassador to a Moslem country.
·        Israeli software restores archaeological ruins on your smartphone screen.
·        Only in Israel, start-ups donate part of their success to charitable causes.
·        The Russian Bolshoi Opera makes its first ever visit to Israel.
·        London marathon paraplegic celebrity Clare Lomas meets ReWalk’s inventors.
·        Last week’s JPost Israel Good News descriptive summary
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Alcohol addiction?  Forget it.  Researchers in Israel and San Francisco have been able to switch off a memory pathway in the brains of rats responsible for alcohol dependency.  Tests on humans are expected soon.  The results may also lead to the treatment of nicotine craving.
Repairing the faces of twins.  Surgeons at Haifa’s Ramban hospital treated two 14 year-old twins for similar defects: cleft palate and nose, and fused fingers. During the two three-hour operations, the doctors reconstructed both brothers’ upper palate.
Safer bone augmentation.  Israel’s RegeneCure has developed an innovative synthetic membrane for those needing dental implants.  Alternative animal-tissue-derived collagen membranes risk being contaminated from pathogens.  RegeneCure’s membrane also degrades slowly, giving the natural bone more time to regenerate.
Seeing Israel in a new light.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Field of Vision, a new series by photographer Vardi Kahana, documents the people touched by Eye from Zion, an Israeli organization that provides free ocular medical treatment to needy populations around the world.
This is how Israeli doctors save Syrian lives.  (Thanks to Israel21c) Over the past few weeks I have been reporting only headline stories of wounded Syrians being treated in Israeli hospitals.  Here is an amazing in-depth feature about what happens on the front lines (at the border and at the hospital).
Israel’s Brain exhibition.  One of the exhibits at the Presidential Conference in Jerusalem spotlighted on Israel’s top research into the human brain.
More medical research for children.  The Hebrew University is to establish a center for pharmaceutical research and treatment of children.  Its focus includes incurable genetic diseases, building new models for testing drugs for children and synthesizing new molecules suited for children, despite being unprofitable.
Gaza weekly deliveries:  In the week ending 22nd June 2013, 1216 trucks carried 32,660 tons of goods into Gaza from Israel through the Kerem Shalom crossing.  They included 324 trucks of food and 391 trucks of construction materials.
Gaza farmers transported to Tel Aviv conference.  The Israeli army invited and facilitated the transport of 50 Palestinian Arab farmers from Gaza to an agricultural conference in Tel Aviv. The goal was to help boost agricultural output in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip
An emotional meeting.  10-year-old Yakub Ivachisad, the Palestinian Arab boy who received one of the kidneys from Israeli boy Noam Naor, received a visit in Schneider Children’s hospital from …read more
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