In the 17th March 2013 edition of Israel’s good news, the highlights include:

– Israeli researchers are using cancer cells to help fight cancer.
– Ethiopian-born Miss Israel has a dinner date with the US President.
– An Israeli female professor won the computer industry’s “Nobel Prize”.
– With Israeli software, you can control your smartphone using just your eyes.
– In a noisy room, Israeli voice recognition software can read your lips.
– Barbara Streisand is to perform in Israel for the first time.
– Israeli windsurfer Lee Korzits won her 3rd consecutive world championship.
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Using cancer to kill cancer.  Researchers at Tel Aviv University and Sheba Medical Center have enhanced the immune system using proteins from melanoma (a severe form of skin cancer).  T-cells in the immune system are stimulated to produce cytokines, which can fight other cancers in the body.
Success in trials of stem cells for blood cancer.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) Early trials of NiCord (umbilical cord stem cells) from Israel’s Gamida Cell have proved successful in maintaining the health of patients with high-risk hematological malignancies.  The treatment was safe and reduced the time to recovery period.
Colon cancer rates decrease.  Israel is fourth among Western countries in the prevalence of colorectal cancer and 15th in the death rate from the tumor. However, the number of cases has declined in the last two decades — by 17 percent in men and 13 percent in women — largely due to early diagnosis and treatment.
A pacemaker for the arteries.  Israel’s Enopace Biomedical is developing an endovascular micro-stimulator, which reduces the strain on the heart by expanding the arteries to accept incoming blood.  It is implanted by catheter in a 30-minute procedure while the patient is awake and is an alternative to a heart transplant.
Australia approves Israeli robotic spinal surgery.  Israel’s Mazor Robotics has obtained approval from Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for the import and sale of the company’s Renaissance navigation robot for spinal surgery.
The missing LINC to deafness. (Thanks to   Half of all hearing losses are due to genetic mutations.  Tel Aviv University Professor Karen Avraham found that mutations in the LINC cells of the inner ear of an Iraqi family with a history of deafness could lead to new treatments.
Gaza weekly deliveries:
The Keren Shalom crossing reopened after Hamas closed it last week and 1,118 trucks delivered 31,338 tons of goods. It included three trucks from Turkey — the first since the Mavi Marmara incident. In February, 140,348 tons of goods went to Gaza from Israel on 4721 trucks.  109 trucks of Gaza produce were exported via Israel.
Equal treatment.  Orit served as a medic in the Israeli army and saved the life of a Palestinian Arab boy caught in machinery.  Then she had to …read more


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