Ohel Chana High School

(JTA) — The guard of a synagogue and Jewish school in Los Angeles who shot a transgender woman in the leg told her the shot was meant to be a warning, she said.

Zhoie Perez, 45, was shot Thursday outside the Etz Jacob synagogue after filming for several minutes a guard gripping a handgun in reaction to her presence. She was taken to hospital in stable condition and her life was not in danger.

The incident was posted on YouTube by an account called Furry Potato Live, which has videos of Perez and others confronting police to test their rights.

The Ohel Chana High School, which is located in the same building as the synagogue, told parents that she was shot after “canvassing” around the property. It was after she “became belligerent,” the school wrote to parents.

Perez, who was released from the hospital later Thursday, said that she was trying to film the architecture of the synagogue, according to the LA Times.

“I was just filming the exterior of the synagogue here, and getting a lot of like, the architecture, and all that, and the guard came out and just started freaking out, started putting his hand on his gun,” she said.

The guard was detained by police. Perez has not been charged with a crime.


    The woman was doing nothing wrong. The guard is a psycho and the people who hired him need to be let go.
    The guard belongs in prison for a couple decades.
    I watched the entire thing and there was no cause to brandish a firearm, much less shoot a warning shot into another human being.


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