As Sharansky tells kids how to make the perfect Israeli sandwich, with a base that’s “hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Just like all of us Israelis,” with “olives, a symbol of peace,” and of course, “a little salt” symbolizing “a little Israeli chutzpah,” there’s a deeper message from the Jewish Agency head, requesting that new immigrants to Israel from all over the world are welcomed and embraced:
Dear parents and children,
We’re starting a new school yearb and we’re all excited.
I have a request:
In your classrooms you’ll meet many new immigrants from different countries.
Sometimes their Hebrew isn’t good.
They are a little nervous and a little shy . . .
Open your hearts and your homes.
Embrace them with love as the Jewish people embraces them with love.
They will succeed, because there is no better integration than integration into a loving family.
Have a successful school year and bon appetit to us all.



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