What do Israelis want from Iran? Love, peace, or nothing at all are just a few of the desires voiced in a new video posted to YouTube recently. The question, posed by three filmmakers—Joseph Shamash, Andrew Lustig and Jeff Handel—to people on the streets of Jerusalem, received a variety of responses, not least of which was a call for peace.

Take for instance one young woman who responded: “As a Jew, as an Israeli, I want them to know that our people are very similar and that there should never be a war or violence between us.”

The video was a follow up project to one shot last April by the three filmmakers as part of the One Wish Project; called, “One Wish Jerusalem,” it asked random people the basic question: What is your one wish?

The project garnered interest, and this time the producers teamed up with the founders of the Facebook campaign “Israel Loves Iran” and IPRCI (Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information) to create the film.

Watch the YouTube video below.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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