By Larry Gordon

The Obama folks will not utter the words “Islamic Radical Terror” because to the presidents trained and distorted legal mind there is no such thing in existence.   They subscribe to this deduced notion by insisting that Islam is a peaceful religion, so if someone resorts to violence or terror they are no longer Islamic or an effective representative of the religion.

Of course we know that not all Moslems are violent or bent on perpetrating terror.  But so far all terrorists and terror attacks of note have been perpetrated by Moslems in the name of Islam.

But the US State Department will not accede to that point.  When asked by Fox News the other night to name any non-Islamic terror groups, US State Department spokesperson Marie Harf could not name any.  All she would say is that there are unnamed others and that the US condemns all forms of “violent extremism.”

The Obama administration is obsessed with making certain that there is an equity and evenhandedness to whatever criticism or condemnation they issue.  I could not help feeling that what Ms. Harf really wanted to say the other day that she can condemn “Islamic Terror” if she can also condemn Jewish Terror perpetrated by settlers in Israel’s territories of Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem.

After all Jews are building porches to their homes and setting up swing sets and see saws in their back yards for their children  in these communities which is an affront to the Moslem world.  If the administration could just come out and say it they would feel a sense of liberation by being able to identify and condemn these Jewish radical terrorists at the other end of the equation.

At that point they might be able to finally set their sights on the violent Islamists along with the rest of the right thinking free world.  Of course it is as absurd as it is ridiculous.  But it might also be very true.


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