From: Dov Lipman


I visited Ashdod with my colleague, MK Boaz Toporovsky.

The missile landed in an empty parking lot and destroyed cars in the garage below.  It was 200 meters from a wedding hall filled with people. A little but close and there would have God forbid been many deaths. No one was injured.  The business owners whose stores were damaged were there, cleaning up, positive, and prepared to continue with life as usual.

Just an “only in Israel” experience – the “secular” business owner pointed out that the entire inside was filled with damage from the rocket with the exception of this picture of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai which was hanging proudly on the wall with not a trace of the attack despite holes in the walls above it and below it.  (The picture is attached)

Then we visited the iron dome battery and met with the soldiers who operate it.  Some have been there for more than 40 days straight.  We thanked them for their service, including one who is American (from Westchester, NY) who came in August to volunteer in the IDF.


While we were there the siren went off and we took cover.  The rockets missed Ashdod and went to Ashkelon where the iron dome shot them all down – 4 or 5.


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