x5Last Wednesday, DRS High School hosted over 130 prospective eighth-grade applicants from several elementary schools for a chance to experience what it’s like to be a DRS student for a day. This year, DRS received its largest number of applicants ever. Students from YCQ, HANC, Har Torah, South Shore, Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island, HAFTR, HALB, and several other elementary schools were warmly greeted at the doors of DRS by administrators and student leaders. After breakfast, each visiting student received a personal schedule. Throughout their day, the students sat in on Gemara, halachah, math, social studies, and English classes that were personally geared towards the visitors. They also got a chance to enjoy some recess in DRS’s beautiful gym. Following a lunch catered by Carlos and Gabby’s, the students moved to the gym, where they were treated to a taste of DRS’s extracurricular student activities, during which they participated in a multimedia trivia game challenging them in areas of Gemara, Tanach, science, math, sports, English, Ivrit, and general knowledge. DRS is thrilled that the large number of applicants validates the comprehensive programs that DRS offers to its students. Following the great success of the program, DRS is looking forward to welcoming an outstanding group of freshmen next year. v


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