Executive Chef Itzik Mizrachi Barak prepares exclusive olive oil based menu.


Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem launched a private label branded olive oil. To mark the launch, a three-course gourmet dinner has also been introduced based on olive oil cooking and marinating, prepared by Chef Itzik Mizrachi Barak and offered at the prestigious “Palace” restaurant until the end of December 2019. The olive oil has been produced by “Meshek Achiya” farm and will be used regularly in the restaurant. Diners can also purchase it for their own use.

“Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem’s olive oil has been carefully prepared in collaboration with Executive Chef Itzik Mizrachi Barak after a series of tastings in the farm’s plantations, located 750 meters above sea level, guaranteeing a high-quality olive oil,” says David Zitzer, Meshek Achiya Farm CEO. “The selected branded olive oil is of a Syrian variety — excellent extra virgin, authentic, and strong olive oil.”

The special menu for the launch includes:

  • Opener. Celery-root cappuccino with pine nuts and basil oil
  • First course. Quinoa-crusted sea bass confit in Korneiki olive oil, caramelized carrots and pecan cream or salmon confit in Korneiki olive oil in a cloud of smoke, served with cucumber and avocado cannelloni
  • Main course. Chicken breast stuffed with pistachios, served alongside potato rata baked in Arbequina olive oil, cauliflower in chicken or slow- braised lamb osso buco in Arbequina olive oil, served alongside Jerusalem artichoke, bulgur, and root vegetables in lamb jus
  • Dessert. Olive oil ice cream, with almond crust and caramelized pears

According to Executive Chef Itzik Mizrahi Barak, the dishes chosen are prepared in confit cooking technique (a method of cooking food in olive oil at a low temperature), or marinating in olive oil, ensuring quality and a special and refined aroma.

Waldorf Astoria private label olive oil

“Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem has placed an emphasis on healthy food and quality cooking, and our private label olive oil is keeping that commitment to ensure a memorable dining experience,” said Chef Barak.

In ancient history, the olive tree provided food, fuel, and medicine, and was a symbol of peace and wisdom. Oil production from the olive began in 3000 BC. Olive oil, when it reaches its maximum quality, has many health benefits. Its virtues are mainly due to its main ingredient — monounsaturated fatty acid, anti-oxidant content represented mainly by vitamins E, A, and polyphenols.

The price of the promotion dinner for the general public and hotel guests from Israel is NIS 300 including VAT. Tourists will pay $70. Opening hours: Sunday and Thursday between 6:30 and 10:30 p.m.. The Palace Restaurant will also serve the regular restaurant menu.

Restaurant bookings in advance are recommended. Reservations by phone: 02-5423333 or email: Jerusalem@waldorfastoria.com.


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