The Israel Day Parade is set for Sunday in New York and security will be tight, The New York Daily News reports.

Dr. Joseph Frager, who organized the post-parade concert, told the newspaper there will be “a wall of NYPD blue” in light of recent events in Boston and London.

“I’ve met numerous times with NYPD brass, who have been wonderful and diligent about every security detail,” Frager told the Daily News. “It’s a scary world. But we must live and celebrate life the same way they do in Israel. With vigilant precautions. With very intelligent on-the-ground encounters with suspicious people. By discouraging entry to anyone with a backpack. By searching everyone entering the concert. We will be safe.”

The Parade and Concert are obvious terror targets, but Frager remains defiant.

“You can’t let anyone intimidate you from celebrating your culture and voicing your ideology,” says Frager. “In fact, the exact opposite is in order as you will see and hear on Sunday in Central Park Bandshell, where there will be thousands cheering and a wall of NYPD blue. That’s a good thing.”

An NYPD spokeswoman was more curt with her response, only saying that security “will be adequate for the occasion. We’re always vigilant.”

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Source: The Algemeiner


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