Israeli airstrikes on Thursday in Syria killed at least 23 military personnel, including Syrians and non-Syrians, according to a group monitoring the Syrian civil war.

The U.K-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights “documented the death of 23 people at least as a result of the Israeli missile strikes, which targeted several military positions and points of the regime forces and allies in scattered areas in central Syria, near the capital Damascus and Rif Dimashq, the western countryside of al-Suwaidaa and the triangle of Daraa–Quneitra–West of Rif Dimashq just before dawn of Thursday the 10th of May 2018,” the group said.

However, the Syrian Army has denied these figures, claiming only three people were killed and two injured in the Israeli airstrikes.

“We destroyed most of the missiles fired by Israel,” the Syrian army claimed. “The Syrian army’s general command is prepared and ready to deal with every strike in full force. We are also committed to thwarting any attempt to support terror groups operating in our country.”

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the Israel Defense Forces had destroyed “nearly all” of Iran’s infrastructure in Syria. The IDF also said that it targeted a number of Syrian air-defense systems as well that had fired on Israeli planes.


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