When the Iran-Iraq war broke out in about 1980 or so I remember the Rabbi in the shul I belonged to in Brooklyn during that time period speaking about the war from the pulpit. He said in Yiddish, “zey zol beydar zayn matzliach.” Translated that means that, “they should both enjoy great success.” And on that basis all we can do is sit back and admire the tenacious battles taking place today in places like Syria and on the streets of Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey.

It is no coincidence that both of these war torn locales are not exactly good friends of the state of Israel and if they could have their way they would obviously direct their violent angst at Israel. The prolonged Syrian civil war has been going on for a couple of years with many tens of thousands of Syrians being murdered. Last week I saw a news special where the reporter said that somewhere between 70,000 and 80,000 civilians have been killed by the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. That’s give or takes 10,000 murdered people that no one is certain about. Is that how meaningless and expendable life is for Syrians in Syria today?

That is also probably why when 42 Syrian soldiers were killed earlier this year when the Israel Air Force eliminated a missile storage facility did not cause much of a stir. Forty-two fatalities are definitely within the margin of error of an average day in Syria under Mr. Assad’s rule.

The violence ongoing in Syria, the current brewing unrest in Turkey and the stirring street demonstrations now developing in Iran are the greatest blessings for Israel. It is a gift from Above when the enemies of the Jewish people turn on and inflict hard themselves thereby working on the matter of self-destruction. It is not dissimilar to the ancient uprising in Egypt when the first born became aware that the final Divine plague was going to be a prehistoric drone strike that was going to cause wanton death and destruction throughout the land. The first born Egyptians revolted and fought Pharaohs regime causing great destruction on both sides. So great was this event it has been observed for the last several thousand years as Shabbos HaGodol. These are indeed both great and hopeful days.

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