By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Warren Levi is a man with a mission. “I’m passionate about making an impact on people, on changing their lives for the better,” he explains.
Which is precisely what he has been doing since he opened Warren Levi Martial Arts Studio some 11 years ago. Throughout the past decade, Warren has become a veritable Five Towns treasure, empowering students of all ages and from all backgrounds to achieve success and exceed expectations.
“We have helped people from all walks of life and from a multitude of professions by imbuing them with the self-confidence and the tools and techniques they need to maximize their professional and personal success. We have helped business men and women become more self-confident and, as a result, increase their profits. We work with physicians and have helped anesthesiologists maintain their focus through long and difficult situations. . . . We have empowered kids who were being taunted and terrorized by bullies, by teaching them the necessary techniques to turn a bully into a friend. Don’t retaliate by resorting to the bully’s negative and destructive behavior. Instead, we train kids to project a self-confident image, which will show the bully you are not afraid and will deflate him.”
Whether you want to improve your child’s mindset or his physical fitness, Warren Levi Martial Arts and Fitness can help. They provide a fun, clean, and safe environment for kids. Their instructors are friendly and patient–and peerless in bringing out the best in every child.
The exemplary kids’ karate program builds confidence, focus, respect, self-discipline, self-defense, and bully protection, and is suitable for children as young as three. Each class has been designed according to the age and the developmental levels of the students. Warren Levi Martial Arts and Fitness affords youngsters the opportunity to make new friends, have fun, and, most of all, learn the techniques and traditions to excel academically, mentally, and physically.
Mini and Li’l Dragons classes are for children 3 to 6 years of age. “We believe in cultivating their gross motor skills, teaching them self-discipline and self-control while having fun and learning simple martial-arts techniques,” Shihan Warren explains. “Our Junior and Adult programs are separated into classes depending on rank and age. They learn more complex martial-arts methods. There is much emphasis on improving balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength, alongside growing in confidence, discipline, and respect.” The program also includes a Black Belt Club and Masters Club.
The main objective in the adult program is to improve the students’ physical condition and to teach them superior defense skills should the situation arise. Shihan Warren and his staff teach their students to focus their energies in a positive way to meet the challenges of everyday life. Regardless of the martial-arts system one chooses to learn, the emphasis is to first get the students in top physical condition and to maintain a healthy weight. Students are given the skills necessary to respond to any type of confrontation–quickly, effectively, and with confidence so that they can overcome any aggressor.
More than just martial arts, this is the ultimate program to build strength, stamina, and confidence–the winning formula for good health. The Adult program features classes in CrossFit, Boot Camp, Martial Arts, and Krav Maga. When it comes to a dynamic workout that teaches instructive self-defense, Israeli-developed Krav Maga is fast becoming the premier choice. Originally developed by the Israeli military, the art of Krav Mega is a powerful weapon.
On the It List for getting fit and looking good is a Five Towns favorite–kickboxing fitness classes, featuring an action-packed, 800-calorie workout! When followed properly, Warren Levi’s unique kickboxing program guarantees amazing results at lightning speed. Whether your goal is to improve your physical fitness level or shed pounds, you will transform your body from the inside out.
Shihan Warren started practicing karate in South Africa at the tender age of 7; by the time he was 9 years old, he competed at a national level, winning numerous titles. He won his first International World title at the age of 14.
Currently, he holds a 6th-Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and has been training in MMA, Krav Maga, and kickboxing for many years. He is a promoter of functional fitness and a certified level 1 CrossFit trainer, and he holds a degree in physical education.
Warren Levi has won numerous awards for being a top martial-arts school as well as citations from the town for his bully-prevention and self-defense seminars.
Active leaders in our community, Warren and his staff currently teach in many of the schools, camps, and organizations in the Greater Five Towns.
Warren is passionate in his desire to keep our community’s residents fit and in the best of health–regardless of whether you are a member of his martial-arts and fitness “family.”
“We are specialists in martial arts and fitness, and we have a beautiful facility that can accommodate all levels of fitness,” he says. “We pride ourselves in opening our doors to the community. We invite you to come–we will change your life. But whether you decide to come now or in the future, you should be doing some sort of exercise. I want to keep our community moving; I want to keep our community healthy; I want to keep our community living longer!” v


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