As the war continues it has become strikingly evident that volunteer guarding activities so critical to the safety of the farms, ranches and homesteads of Judea and Samaria must be expanded immediately.

Most of the adult male farmers, shepherds, ranchers, almost all of whom fall between the ages of 25-40, have been inducted into the IDF reserves for the duration of the war. Pictured at left: two shepherds, Yair (l.) and Asaf (r.) with friend. They have been mobilized for almost a month with no demobilization date in sight.

In most cases their wives and children would be alone to tend to all the daily tasks, including day time and night time guard duty.  With many more volunteers answering the call The Guardians of Judea and Samaria, funded though the IIF, have increased volunteer activity by an amazing 40% during the past two weeks in order to provide cover for more farms and homesteads in greater need.

However we need to do more. There are still farms and homesteads without nightly cover. Moreover logistics must keep pace with the volume of activity required to provide two volunteer guards every night, seven nights a week, in the growing list of locations…today a dozen, tomorrow 15, next week 20 or more.

We require  $75,000. to maintain momentum, to insure that the increased number of volunteers are quickly trained and briefed and placed where they are needed most. We need to insure better and expanded coordination and more communication and security equipment, and involve many more volunteers as more and more requests for help are received.

All of the activities of the Guardians of Judea and Samaria are coordinated with the IDF and the Israel Police and liaison with them and other security agencies must be insured and professionally maintained 24/7.

Throughout this war the overall exposure of isolated homes is further complicated as tensions rise to unprecedented levels.  As our soldiers

fight bravely against an implacable enemy it is our responsibility to let them know that their families, homes and livelihoods are safe.

They need to hear us say it…clearly and unambiguously… “WE HAVE YOUR BACK”.

Aharon Pulver

Executive Director

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