In an effort to help people rebuild after Superstorm Sandy, Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg (D-Nassau County) sent a letter to Governor Cuomo urging him to include an appropriation in his 21-day amendments to the 2013—14 executive budget that would cover the costs of vehicle registrations for individuals who lost an automobile in the storm.

“We need to be doing everything we can to help families recover and get them moving forward after Superstorm Sandy,” Assemblyman Weisenberg said. “The rebuilding cost for some families is enormous and any way we can help assist them will go a long way in getting these families back on their feet.”

An estimated 200,000 vehicles were destroyed by Sandy, forcing many people to buy new vehicles and pay the required vehicle registration fee, along with other taxes and fees. Some families lost two or three cars, making registration fees more burdensome.

Earlier this month, Assemblyman Weisenberg sponsored legislation to create a Homeowner’s Bill of Rights, requiring insurers to provide property owners with an easy-to-understand disclosure notice detailing their coverage and establish claim and settlement standards for insurance companies to follow (A.2287 and A.1092).

“We can’t ignore the fact that these powerful storms are occurring more and more often,” Assemblyman Weisenberg said. “By passing these bills and waiving the registration fees for individuals purchasing new vehicles, we will not only help families recover from this storm, but we will be better prepared to assist families if these unfortunate events happen again.” v


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