The father whose two children were allegedly  slain by their nanny is trying to ‘be strong’ for his family, relatives have  revealed.

Media executive Kevin Krim emailed co-workers  thanking them for their support after his wife Marina after their nanny  allegedly stabbed two of their three young children to death.

Marina and the couple’s 3-year-old daughter  Nessie returned to their Upper West Side apartment on Thursday to find their  2-year-old son Leo and 6-year-old daughter Lucia brutally stabbed in the bathtub  and nanny Yoselyn Ortega bleeding on the kitchen floor.

‘Thanks for your concern,’ he wrote in an  email to colleagues at CNBC.

‘Nessie woke up this morning and is doing  fine. We’re obviously heartbroken.’

Kevin Krim was told the devastating  news by  detectives on Thursday night as he returned to John F. Kennedy  International  Airport in New York from a business trip.

Growing memorial: The memorial for the slain Krim children grew steadily on Saturday

Even though he wants to fall apart he can’t  do it because he has to be there for them, his father William Krim  said. He then faced the unimaginable hour long  journey back into Manhattan knowing that his life as he knew it was  over.

As shocking new details emerge,  neighbours  have revealed that nanny Ortega, 50, was visibly unravelling  before the heinous  slayings in the Upper West Side apartment on Thursday night and appeared to have  ‘aged seven years in a few months.’

Flowers: Friends and strangers laid flowers outside the apartment block, sharing in the Krim family’s grief

Brave six-year-old Lucia Krim tried  to fight  off her crazed nanny as the woman allegedly stabbed her and her brother Leo, 2,  repeatedly with two kitchen knives before leaving their small bodies covered in  blood in the bathtub for their mother to find.

Lucia, who had been  playing in the elevator moments before the horrifying slaying, suffered  defensive wounds as she attempted to fend off the woman who her parents paid to  protect her and her siblings.  

She was eventually stabbed  multiple times in the stomach and the neck while little Leo suffered two  punctures to the neck, a law enforcement source told The New York  Post.

Contrast: Gloves presumably left by forensics are seen by flowers outside the New York apartment

‘They both suffered. They  bled out,’ the source said, adding that Ortega used two kitchen knives in the alleged  attack. ‘The little girl tried to protect  herself.’

Speaking  from his home in Camarillo, California to DNA  Info,  the children’s grandfather William Krim said that he and his wife were planning  to fly to New York to help deal with the tragedy.

The  74-year-old said that while he has not been contacted by police, both of his  daughters have received calls to tell them it was not an accident.

He  said: ‘Our son texted our daughters to say, ‘I can’t talk to Mom and Dad right  now because I’ll just fall apart.’

‘He  said he has to be strong for his wife and his middle daughter that survived the  killing.

‘It’s  so disastrous and so brutal and ugly,’

William  Krim added that his son, a vice president at CNBC, and his kindergarten teacher  wife regularly made trips back to California to visit them but that his son was‘very disciplined’ with his work so they would only stay for five days at a time.

Discovery: Marina Krim holds onto her daughter, three-year-old Nessie, after finding her two other children, two-year-old Leo and six-year-old Lulu, stabbed to death allegedly by their nanny

He  added that he thought so highly of Marina Krim she was listed as ‘Marina, Best  Mother in the World’ on his phone.

He  said: ‘Every time I text her, it shows up.’

Ruben Diaz, 49,  said the  nanny, a native of the Dominican Republic who has lived in the U.S.  for 10  years, looked sick and gaunt and appeared ‘nervous’ before  Thursday’s  bloodbath, neighbours recounted.

She was also battling  health problems, both mental and physical, and had money issues.

‘She lost a lot of weight.  She looked very unhealthy. It looked like she was going through some problems,’  Diaz told The Post. ‘She had  aged a lot – like seven years in a few  months.’

Found: The nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, is taken out on a stretcher covered in blood. She is in critical condition

According to police,  Ortega had revealed to people that she was seeing a psychiatrist.

But the unfathomable  attack, which ended with her slashing her own wrists and throat, was still  shocking to anyone who knew her.

Pain: Mrs Krim is seen screaming as she is transported in an ambulance to hospital
Tragedy: Six-year-old Lulu, top, and her baby brother Leo, right, were found dead in the bathtub after they had been stabbed by their nanny. They are pictured with sister Nessie, 3, who was not hurt

She snapped,’ the nanny’s  sister, Celia Ortega, told The Post. ‘We don’t understand what happened to her  mind.’

Ortega was taken  to nearby New York-Presbyterian/Weill  Cornell Medical Center where she remains.

The Post reported  that  Marina Krim had given the  nanny extra hours after she complained she was  strapped for cash.

A law enforcement  source  told the newspaper that the Krims had even introduced her to a  family that  needed a babysitter but they turned her down because she was ‘a little too  grumpy.’

Mrs Friedman spotted  Marina in the mezzanine of the prewar building with her surviving  middle child  Nessie, moments after she walked into the bathroom to find  her babies fully  clothes but drenched in blood in the tub.

‘She was bent over the  child, screaming and holding onto the only live child she still  had,’ Friedman  told The Post. ‘They were very deep, dark screams.

Neighbour Rima  Starr, 63,  added: ‘She was screaming things like, “I’ll never speak to  her again,”  repeating that over and over again. Then screaming things  like, “It’s all  right, you’ll be all right, you’ll be all right.”‘

‘Then she would  get waves  of the reality of what just happened and then she’d go into  just plain,  bloodcurdling screams, with her arms flailing out to the  sides.’

Sadness: A mourner places flowers outside the apartment as she breaks down in tears

Marina was taken  to  hospital, where police said she told them, ‘What are we going to do  now? I’ll  never go back there again. They can have everything. I don’t  want  anything.’

According to The Post, she and her husband  Kevin, 37, are with relatives at a luxury Manhattan hotel.

Flowers: Friends and strangers laid flowers outside the  apartment block, sharing in the Krim family’s grief

The mother of CNBC  executive Kevin Krim said on Friday that the young family treated Ortega as they  would one of their own.

Mr and Mrs Krim ‘bent over  backwards’ to help their children’s nanny, going so far as to purchase plane  tickets for her so she could fly back to  her native Dominican Republic, Karen  Kim said.

The grieving grandmother added that the  horrific murders of her grandchildren were taking a heavy toll on her family.

She speculated that Ortega  must have ‘went insane’ to allegedly commit such a heinous crime.

Speaking with  the New  York Daily News, Karen Krim said that the children’s  deaths are ‘the worst nightmare any parent could ever have’.

Sources told DNAInfo that  though Ortega has  been taken out of a medically-induced coma, she remains catatonic and will  not respond to any questions from doctors  or police.

The source added  that  there is no probable medical cause keeping Ortega from speaking, as the kitchen  knife she used to slit her own throat missed the major  veins and arteries in  her neck.

Scene: Crime scene unit officials enter the luxury apartment building where the stabbings took place

In addition, toxicology tests performed on  Ortega came back negative.

It was revealed on Friday  that Mrs Krim returned to her luxury Manhattan apartment  on Thursday evening to  find her two children stabbed to death, and then  watched as the crazed woman  slit her own throat.

Mrs  Krim let out a ‘primal scream’ after discovering her son and daughter, Leo and Lulu, in a pool of blood in a bathtub, each  with  multiple stab wounds, according to neighbour’s recounts.

Mrs Friedman, who lives in  the same block as the tragic family, revealed how she was the last person to see  the two children alive.

She said she saw the  youngsters and Ortega as they took the elevator together. Just half an hour  later, she heard the blood-curdling screams.

Sympathy: A touching note left outside the apartment block on West 75th Street on Friday afternoon

Mrs Krim, whose husband is the senior vice  president and general manager of CNBC Digital, returned home after Ortega failed  to meet her and Nessie after the girl’s swimming lesson.

‘She got a call from the  nanny saying she’d picked them up from school and she was taking them straight  home,’ an employee at the Upper West Side swim and dance facility told The Post.

‘[Marina] didn’t seem  nervous at all; she waved to me.’

But when she arrived home  at around 5.30pm and she found the three-bedroom, $10,000-a-month prewar  apartment at West 75th  Street dark, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly  said.

Close: Scores of pictures on the online blog show the three children playing happily together at the home

She returned to the lobby  to ask the doorman if he had seen the children  and, when he said they had not  left, she returned to the home and looked through each room.

She finally switched on  the bathroom lights and discovered the horrifying scene.

There she found Ortega on the floor with a  slit throat and with her wrists  cut and bleeding, the New  York Post  reported. Police said a kitchen  knife was nearby.

Mrs Krim also found her  two children in the bathtub with stab wounds  covering their bodies, and then  tried to stop the nanny’s neck from  bleeding with a towel, according to the  Post.

Neighbours said  she then ran outside the  apartment and collapsed by its front door,  letting out blood-curdling screams  and repeating that  over and over again to young Nessie ‘it’s all right, you’ll  be all  right, you’ll  be alright.’

One neighbour revealed the superintendent of  the apartment block went into the  apartment and questioned Ortega, demanding:  ‘So you cut her throat? So  you stabbed her in the neck?’

His wife then came out to assist and told horrified neighbours  who had heard the screams:  ‘Two babies, in the bath, nanny’ and made a cutting  sign across her  throat.

Mrs Friedman added: ‘At  that point I knew the nanny had something to do with it’.

Neighbours dialed  911  and, although Lulu and Leo reportedly appeared to be breathing when  medics  arrived, they were pronounced dead when they got to the hospital.

Ortega was unresponsive  but was taken to New York-Cornell Hospital in a  critical but stable condition.  She was in a stable condition on Friday  morning and police sources say she may  have also taken pills.

Mrs Krim and  Nessie, who  did not witnessed the grisly scene, were also taken to  hospital for treatment,  and Mrs Krim was sedated.

A neighbour told the Wall  Street Journal the woman had left the building ‘inconsolable, hysterical,  frantic’.

The children’s father,  Kevin Krim, had been on a business trip and was met by police  at the airport  when he returned to New York. Officers recounted the  horror to him and he was  escorted to the hospital.

Mr and Mrs Krim remained  at St. Luke’s hospital on Thursday night with Mrs Krim’s sister. Police said the  shocked mother was unable to communicate.

On Friday,  neighbour Mrs  Friedman said the nanny had looked ‘cold’ just half an hour before the  murders.

She said that she was in  the elevator with Ortega, who had a ‘poker face’  and appeared unemotional  despite Lulu and Leo playing around.

‘I was playing with the  children in the  elevator,’ Mrs Friedman said. ‘The girl looked so delightful. I  asked her if she was going on a play date or something and she said she was  going  home.

‘I said, “What did you do,” and she said,  “Dancing.” And that was it – they were only on the second floor so they  left.

‘She was smiling, happy,  happy happy. The nanny just smiled – and nothing. The nanny was a colder type  from most nannies that I have encountered.

‘She was poker faced. She wasn’t the warmest  person. I never saw her as the warmest nanny.’

Ortega’s niece,  Katherine  Garcia, added that her aunt had been ‘acting kind of nervous  lately’ but  insisted that she had loved the children.

Friends said she had lost  her apartment in the Bronx and was forced to move in her sister in Harlem.  Police added that her family said she may have visited a psychologist recently.

Police said there  were no  immediate explanations for the murders and suicide attempt. Paul J. Browne, from  the police department, told the New York Times he did  not know whether a note  had been left.

The family had moved to  New York from San Francisco within the last few years, and Mr Krim was named general manager of CNBC’s digital media  division in  March.

He is a Harvard graduate and has recently  worked at Bloomberg and Yahoo, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The children’s  grandmother, Karen Krim, said  that the  family hired Ortega a year ago, until which time Mrs Krim had been a  stay-at-home mother.

When Leo was born, they  searched for a nanny. They even spent nine days with her family in the Dominican  Republic, as documented on Mrs Krim’s  online journal.

They  just bent over backwards being nice to this woman,’ Karen Kim told the New York  Daily News. ‘They were always doing  things that were just fabulous for her. I’m just astounded, and I have no idea  why something like this would happen.’

She added: ‘We’re just having a really,  really hard time here. It’s the worst nightmare any parent could ever  have.’

Mrs Krim, who teaches  weekly art lessons to children, kept an online journal entitled ‘Life with  the  Krim Kids’, which she had last updated just three hours before the  murders.

She had written: ‘Leo  speaks in the most adorable way possible.’

The online  journal paints  a tender picture of her life with her husband and their  beloved children, and  gives an insight into the horrendous loss that has befallen the  family.

She documents trips to  pick apples,  visits to pumpkin patches and playdates. Photographs show the  children  playing happily together around the home and on their first days of  school.

‘One of the best  parts of  my day is after I drop both girls off at school and have 3  precious hours with  little Lito all to myself,’ she wrote. ‘Ok, I’m near getting cheesy I adore this  boy so much!!!’

She added how he  loved to play with toy cars  and trucks, and would set up his own  ‘kitchen’ in the living room where he  would pretend to make bacon.

‘Lito, I must say, is a  very clever little boy,’ she wrote. ‘He is super talkative and  just has a  million thoughts running through his brain and can express  himself amazingly  well for an almost-2 year old.  I’m thinking he could  be a Mini-Kevin.’

The family lives in one of  the city’s most idyllic neighborhoods, just a  block from Central Park and a few  more from the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

It is home to many affluent families, and  seeing children accompanied by nannies is  an everyday part of life there,  making the idea of such violence even  more disturbing to residents.

Mrs Friedman added that the Krims are a  quiet, nice friendly family.

She said: ‘They were sweet  people. They had two large dogs they used to walk, they were greyhounds I think.  The children were full of life.’

On Friday morning a steady  stream of passers by stopped off at the apartment block to lay flowers, some of  whom were in tears.

Among the tributes was a  card on some flowers which read: ‘Dear Krim Family. We weep with you at your  horrible loss. There are no words that can express our sadness. We pray for you  and your beautiful children.

‘Every mother and father  weeps with you and your family during this dark time’.

Police officers could be  seen taking bags of evidence out of the building yesterday and at one point  removed what appeared to be a piece of wood which was about 12ft  long.

Source: The Daily Mail


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