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The Cabinet met last night after learning of the deaths of Fraenkel, Shaar, and Yifrach.

According to a TOI report:

Unconfirmed reports from the cabinet meeting suggested that demands by more hawkish ministers for a “game-changing” response to the killings were likely to be rejected. Netanyahu met both before and after the session with Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, head of the Orthodox-nationalist Jewish Home party, who was said to be demanding harsher measures than those favored by Netanyahu and some more moderate ministers.

Ministers were said to have contemplated a range of options, including an escalated campaign against Hamas, new building projects at settlements, and issuing a demand that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas sever his unity government partnership with Hamas.

Abbas was quoted saying that if Israel responded by expanding settlements, he would appeal to the United Nations.


It is obvious Bibi doesn’t have the balls for the job. He refuses to build. He refuses to destroy Hamas. He refuses to embrace the Levy Report. He is always playing it safe. He moors the ship of state in the harbour and won’t venture into choppy waters.

Israel should build more housing, not because we want to punish anyone but because we have the right and to build.

It is time for PM Netanyahu to issue a Declaration of Independence. So what if the world complains or even levies sanctions. The world must be put on notice that we are an independent nation with our own national interests and we have rights.

The US needs Israel more than ever now. Israel is the key to protecting Jordan and thwarting ISIS.

Carpe Diem!!!

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