by Shalom Pollack

It seems that every one is anxious  to hear if Hamas will agree to extend the  cease  fire  tomorrow or  as they threaten, “the rockets  and tunnels  are  ready” if their demands are not satisfied.

Am I hearing right? Hamas is a terror group. Israel is a military power..”

I am certain  that most Israelis, would actually welcome the rockets  again if that means that we  finally FINISH the job!

The Jewish people are ready.

At  the  same time, Israel has  never been under  such vicious political assault and slander.

The UN and its Secretary General bemoan the “massacre” at one of its  Gaza installations. Just a few missiles were stored in just a few UN buildings. Must Israel “over react”!

Threats of  war crime trials and the  recalling of  ambassadors. are  making Israelis  feel they can  do nothing to please the world. They are  right.

President Obama  is  also very concerned. Every body is  very concerned when Jews defend themselves and  do not  know their traditional role.Why upset a tradition?

But as Ben Gurion said,”It is not important what the nations say, rather what  the Jews do.”

When tens of thousands attended the funerals of the  “lone soldiers”, Max Steinberg from LA and Sean Carmeli  from Texas, the Jewish people  showed it is “important what the Jews do.”

A popular song is heard every where,”Ten thousand brothers” in honor of the lone soldiers.

Today one  hundred and eight  “lone soldiers” landed in Israel.

 “It is important what the Jews  do.”

Yesterday, as I was  walking near my house , I barely noticed  the street cleaner sweeping near me. I did notice that the man kept staring at me with a small smile on his lips. I did not know if he  was Arab or Jewish from first glance  but his look seemed to beckon a word of acknowledgment  so I said,”shalom”. His face beamed as he said to me.” shalom, how ya doin”? in my very own Brooklyn style.

I  asked him where  he was from. He said Brooklyn. He must be the  only street sweeper from Brooklyn.

Albert explained that he made Aliyah at the onset of the recent hostilities. He brought  his wife and four little daughters. His  son was just born this week. His first in Israel.

He said that though he had not had  a  Jewish or Zionist education, but was certain that he must make the move for his children. There was no choice. He had to raise them in  a Jewish country.

He grabbed the first job that came along. “It’s fine for now” We are home and happy.”

It is important what he Jews do..

In this week’s Haftorah portion we will read (Isaiah XL; 9),”Lift up your voice with strength;Lift it up, be not afraid..”

It is important  what the Jews do…


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