Central at Science Olympiad

Central Takes Double Bronze in Science Olympiads

Sunday’s inter-school Science Olympiad competition, hosted at Lander College and sponsored by the BJE, was a great day of collaboration, camaraderie, exploration, innovation, and competitions in a wide range of activities, with participants from 13 schools from the New York and New Jersey areas.

Central students built mousetrap vehicles, boomilevers, and circuits, demonstrating their knowledge in sub-fields as diverse as genetics, herpetology, anatomy, and physiology. Congratulations to seniors Miri Biderman and Eliana Ellerton on their double bronze medals for Anatomy and Physiology and Road Scholar events. Faculty mentor Miriam Chopp was especially proud of the AP Chemistry and AP Biology students’ kindness, cooperation, and camaraderie. As team adviser and coach, engineering teacher David Horstman did a great job preparing the team.

Central Juniors Play ‘Amazing Race’ In Flushing Meadows Park

Central’s “Amazing Race” in Flushing Meadows Park

The juniors headed to Flushing Meadows Park on Wednesday morning for some learning outside the classroom. Faculty members Yitzchok Borenstein, Marci Karoll, Yadin Klein, and Dr. Gili Nagar organized an “Amazing Race,” in which students had to complete various academic tasks, including determining the velocity of a rocket launch, writing with nature-related vocabulary, and figuring out how to use a 40-foot string and a log to create a shape of the largest possible area. Students also had to make use of the various landmarks and monuments in the park; they used the Unisphere to answer geography questions and researched the history of the park to understand its place in New York City history.

“I really like this kind of learning,” said Rebecca Friedman. “It allows you to get more involved and experience the subjects.” Jessica Friedman added, “It was so great to be outside and active, and it was a great opportunity to bond with my grade.”

Central Community Service Initiative (CSI): Freshman Style

The Central Community Service Initiative

Chesed is an important value to the Central community, Jewish community, and global community. The freshman class recently participated in a variety of activities to get a taste of the fantastic work people are always doing in our community to help those in need.

It was a great opportunity to reach out to others, develop sensitivities, and make a difference in the life of someone else. Central visited elderly patients in a hospital, while another helped with food prep with Met Council. Another group packaged food at Kehillat Sephardim and two other groups worked with students with special needs at Yachad Lower School and Shma Koleinu in Brooklyn. The students enjoyed their time helping others.

Central Science Institute Achievements

Central Science Institute

Central’s Science Institute continues to inspire young women to pursue research at the highest levels. After spending the last year working with state-of-the-art technologies in the intensive program, rising juniors Leah Hersh, Ayelet Kornblau, and Shira Kornblau will be spending this summer at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Rising seniors Meirav Grajower, Hannah Hamerman, and Lauren Stiefel will attend Stony Brook University’s Garcia Summer High School Scholar Research Program, a highly prestigious program boasting many graduates who have won recognition for their research through national competitions, have been published in refereed journals, and have been awarded patents.

Central is honored to be able to nurture students’ talents and to help them share those talents with the wider scientific community.


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