HANC High School Celebrates Excellence

On Wednesday evening, April 3, HANC High School held its 43rd National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, honoring the 21 members of this prestigious organization and welcoming 17 new inductees into the Maalot Chapter. Members of the Honor Society must maintain a 92 average and represent excellence in Torah, scholarship, service, character, and leadership.

Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, principal/menahel, opened the ceremony in the HANC auditorium with a brief dvar Torah emphasizing the importance of living life as a true ben or bat Torah. This was followed by the “Star Spangled Banner” and the Hatikvah song by senior Bernie Maslin accompanied by Simcha Quere on keyboard and music teacher Jacob Spadaro.

Marie Palaia, associate principal and faculty advisr of the Honor Society, greeted the audience and introduced the officers of the Honor Society and welcomed them to the stage to light candles and speak about the main tenets that represent the pillars on which the Honor Society stands. Co-Presidents Adena Cohen and Aeton Rabanipour, Co-Vice Presidents Ali Lenefsky and Jonah Seiden, and Historian Joshua Vilkas each delivered a dvar Torah and an explanation before lighting their candle.

Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, Marie Palaia, and Tziporah Zucker, assistant principal, presented the new inductees with their official certificates and membership cards.

Rabbi Tsvi Selengut, rebbe, was chosen by the members of the Honor Society to deliver the keynote address. The audience was riveted by Rabbi Selengut’s delivery and poignant message to always keep Torah as a focal point and as a guiding light in academic pursuit and service to the community.

Rabbi Daniel Mezei, director of student life, and Rabbi Etan Ehrenfeld, dean of students, took the stage to read the accomplishments of senior members and thanked each student for their service to HANC.

After the presentation, all members presented a yellow rose to their parents and grandparents to show their hakarat ha’tov for guiding them to where they are today. The induction ceremony concluded with an elaborate collation.

Mazal tov to National Honor Society inductees: Daniel Abergel, Racheli Abginesaz, Mathanel Berokhim, Adena Cohen, Rafael Elyassian, Shiraz Gamliel, Joseph Haar, Courtney Isler, Ilan Kahn, Sharona Kataev, Nayomi Matayev, Steven Quere, Aeton Rabanipour, David Reitano, Jonah Rocheeld, Daniella Rothman, Gabrielle Schoenberg, Jacob Schwadron, Yehuda Silverman, Joshua Vilkas, and Matthew Zimmerman.

Current members of the Honor Society are Yonatan Abginesaz, Aaron Afraihim, Adam Block, Shira Cohen, Sam Davis, Samuel Kaufman, Shana Lefkowitz, Alexandra Lenefsky, Jennifer Livian, Elan Moskowitz, Rachel Rahmanou, Hannah Reiss, Jonah Seiden, Raphael Silbiger, Kayla Siouni, Adam Speiser, and Chani Zahler.

HANC’s Morah Aliza Rosenblum Wins Scholastic Award

HANC’S Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding’s Elementary School in West Hempstead has a winner! Morah Aliza Rosenblum, one of HANC’s talented and devoted kindergarten teachers, was selected to receive a $500 prize plus 500 Bonus Points from the James Patterson and Scholastic Book Clubs Giveaway. As part of the competition, the candidates were asked to write an essay about how $500 worth of books would enhance their classroom library.

Morah Aliza with her class

In her essay, Morah Aliza expressed her desire to expand the selection of nonfiction books in her classroom library in order to appeal to a broad range of interests and levels which will encourage exploration through reading. With a $500 grant, she intended to select books about science, animals, the human body, and biographies about famous people such as Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, and Amelia Earhart. She also would select books that would enable her students to explore numerous geographical locations around the world, including Brazil, Mexico, Australia, India, and Italy.

Morah Aliza’s winning essay was selected from 127,000 entries! HANC commends Morah Aliza on this tremendous achievement. The books that she received will entice her young students to broaden their knowledge on a myriad of topics and enjoy reading even more.


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