Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman presents at MTA

MTA Partners With NY-NCSY for Pre-Pesach Mishmar Madness Program

On Thursday, April 4, MTA and New York NCSY partnered to present a pre-Pesach Mishmar Madness program for MTA talmidim. MTA hosts Mishmar Madness — a post-Mishmar program that includes additional learning opportunities accompanied by dinner and activities — five times per year to enhance Torah learning for its talmidim. This event was presented in partnership with New York NCSY and featured chaburahs with MTA alumni and NCSY advisers, shiurim with MTA rebbeim, interactive discussions with NCSY staff, exciting panoply games, and a lively farbrengen with world-renowned educator and NCSY mashpiah Rav Judah Mischel.

MTA Honors College Learns History Of Antisemitism

By Moshe Inger (‘20)

Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman presents at MTA

On Wednesday, April 3, MTA’s Honors College participated in an interactive discussion with Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman (‘92), MTA alum and associate director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. Rabbi Tuchman discussed antisemitism in American history and the modern world and distinguished between hardcore antisemites and those who may not be racist but were influenced by stereotypical images of Jews that have been perpetuated throughout history.

Together, the group read antisemitic texts from the early 20th century that were directed against Jewish immigrants and compared them to some of the extremist views of today. Rabbi Tuchman also led a Q&A session which sparked more engaging conversations. MTA talmidim enjoyed this experiential learning opportunity and look forward to exploring more intriguing topics at their next Honors College meeting.


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