Rambam Chesed Committee at local JCC food pantry

Rambam Chesed Committee Collects Cans And Candy For A Cause

By Daniel Ganopolsky, 12th Grade

On Wednesday, the Rambam Chesed Committee took a trip to the local JCC food pantry to donate all the cans and sweets the Rambam students donated during the recent food drives.

Students brought in hundreds of packages of candy, chocolate, chips, and more for the post-Purim candy drive. Students also donated quite a few boxes filled with a spectrum of different canned foods for those in need.

The students drove down to the JCC to personally donate all the food and were welcomed with open arms. The volunteers were very happy to see all the boys taking time out of their busy schedules to do some chesed for those families and individuals in need of some extra help. The JCC was very thankful and even offered volunteering positions to some of the students!

The Chesed Committee is looking forward to organizing more chesed initiatives in the remaining few months of the school year!

Fourth Annual Rambam Hockey Tournament Scores Big

By Josh Kass, 12th Grade

Rambam 3-on-3 hockey tournament

For the fourth time in its history, Rambam had a 3-on-3 hockey tournament, an opportunity for the Rambam men to compete for glory and display their middos and leadership. This event was organized to raise money for the Koby Mandell Foundation.

The tournament consisted of eight teams of three and featured two goalies. The winning team comprised Rambam Assistant Coach Joe Moskowitz, Shai Fish, and Jonah Fishbein. The runner-up team consisted of Zeke Rothbort, Sammy Pollack, and Eitan Auerbach. Goalie MVP went to stellar freshman Sam Korman while the other goalie, Josh Kass, had an excellent outing in net as well.

The night was a night of achdus, with everyone staying to watch the drama unfold. The school provided Gatorade and water, as well as pizza and snacks. Leading up to the finals, a “King of the Ring” Tournament was also held. Aryeh Goldress of the juniors prevailed and was crowned the champion!


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