Ordering a Purim basket to Israel is special, however having your 
Mishloach Manot hand-delivered with love is unique. It is this special niche that Gail and David Ehrlich have carved out with their renowned “Gili’s Goodies.”

From its modest beginnings in their Efrat home in 2001, the company has expanded to include everything from their signature cookies to an entire birthday party in-a-box and much more. But what sets Gili’s Goodies apart is not just the delectable variety for every budget; it is the warm, caring way in which each basket is hand-delivered.

David and Gail in the bakery.
David and Gail in the bakery.

“Purim is one of our busiest times of the year,” says Ehrlich, co-owner with his wife Gail. “People send care packages to Israel all year round, but to be able to send a personalized Mishlocah Manot across the miles to family and friends in Israel — that is truly one-of-a-kind. We don’t just ‘put the box in the mail.’ Each order receives our individual attention, allowing us to customize orders and attend to every aspect of the delivery.”

Connecting families abroad to students, grandparents, friends and families who are in Israel, Gili’s Goodies provides a vital service, bringing a smile to both recipients and senders. Says Ehrlich, “The smile we feel on the phone when a Mom says ‘Thank you for making my son’s day special’ or ‘Thank you for being there when I couldn’t be’ — that’s what this business is all about.”

After well over a decade of running the business, Ehrlich is still amazed at the connectedness he feels with his customers. “The Jewish world is very unique. It’s amazing how many of our customers know each other and know us, so the company really feels like family. Many of our customers have become our close friends and often call just to ask for advice on Israel issues, knowing that their ‘man on the ground’ is ready to help.”

Sending Purim baskets and year-round treats to family and friends is not the only service Gili’s Goodies provides. Significant resources are dedicated toward important causes such as supporting the special needs children of Shalva and showing appreciation for the young men and women serving in the IDF. During the recent war, when Gili’s Goodies saw that the army was inundated with cookies and food, they redirected their resources to supply soldiers with basic necessities and additional combat gear. Ehrlich adds, “The opportunity to be in Israel and to be a shaliach for others in showing their appreciation for our soldiers — well, what can I say? That is the source of my smile.”

To order packages for family and friends in Israel for Purim or any other occasion, or to donate packages for IDF soldiers, go to  www.gilisgoodies.com, or call 1-866-721-7292.


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