By Ben Levene

By Ben Levene

What a 10 days I had in New York! I met so many new clients and visited several of my existing/past clients.

What I am going to discuss today stems from the Shabbat I just had with one of my great friends and her lovely husband. I met quite a few couples over Shabbat, all with the same dilemma — which American Jewish community are we going to raise our family in? Ohio, Philly, Silver Spring, Cedarhurst, and the list went on. It allows me to go full circle to Israel and the discussions I have regularly with Anglo olim about the dilemma families have today.

Popular areas of consideration are Arnona in Jerusalem, Tel Mond, Modi’in, and Raanana.

In both countries, decisions are based on similar concepts:

  1. Family proximity: how close parents and siblings are.
  2. Work considerations: either opportunities in the area you live or convenience to keep existing job.
  3. Knowing people in the area and friends living close by.
  4. Trying to find an area that fits with either a mix of religiousness or your set level of affiliation.
  5. Affordability for the kind of home you would wish to live in.

So how do we get these answers wherever we live? I tell my clients all the time to try it out. Meet people and visit as often as possible before making the big move; another valuable bit of advice for people buying in a community they are hoping to grow within is to rent first!

Those looking to buy a holiday home normally have a sense of where they want to buy, and the process of deciding on that purchase is different!

Ben Levene is sales director of CapitIL Real Estate Agency and is a licensed real estate agent in Israel. CapitIL is located on King David Street in Jerusalem. Email, call 646-781-7745, or visit to learn more.


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